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Lings and rockfish tempt Bodega Bay boats

WON Staff Writer
Published: Jun 20, 2017
BODEGA BAY — Some days were not for the faint of heart out there, but Bodega Bay boats managed to work local spots or farther reef zones in either direction and bring in some very respectable rockfish and lingcod. Shore fishers hit the perch hard in the sandy areas.

Winds and seas can make Bodega Bay brutal, but there are still some local spots where smaller craft can drift and bank some hefty lingcod and limits of lingcod. Large boats like New Sea Angler traveled up the coast towards Fort Ross or down to Point Reyes for generally larger grades of fish. Rockfish showed a preference for shrimp flies and lingcod liked swimbaits or jigs.

Over the weekend the winds died down and conditions were comfortable. Capt. Rick Powers said, “Inland it is 95 degrees or more, but out here these folks are beating the heat, catching fish and having fun.” While this reporter was talking with the skipper as the boat was on the water, Charley Dudley brought a 14-pound lingcod over the rail and I could hear it hit the deck. Now that is fresh reporting! On the same trip, Fred Busterna caught 6 lings to 13 pounds, Mike Hardison got 2 lings to 12 pounds and Mike Small reeled in 2 lingcod to 11 pounds. The total lingcod count was 30.

The week held some high spots for shore fishers, with Doran Beach a highly popular spot to cast Gulp! sandworms, small plastic grubs or sandcrabs for red tail perch, barred surf perch and rainbow perch. Rising tides served anglers well. Another productive area was down the coast at Lawson’s Landing and Dillon beach where the perching was pretty much the same, but there was an added chance of a striped bass.

Tomales Bay had people working for halibut, especially near the local favored hotspot, Hog Island. On Sunday, Willy Vogler at Lawson’s Landing said, “Today we had a few halibut up to 28 pounds come from inside the Bay near Hog Island. Previously, nothing but a few surf perch. The wind quit today, finally, so there were a few fish.”

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