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Limits of hatchery steelhead coming from Russian River

BY SCOTT HEEMSTRA/Special to Western Outdoor News
Published: Jan 10, 2018
GUERNEVILLE — The Russian was on fire this past week, with many anglers getting limits of hatchery fish and those who released fish were getting 4-6 fish an outing. All fish we weighed in here at Kings Sport & Tackle in Guerneville were in the range of 8- to 12-pound range.

A GROUP PHOTO on Sunday, Jan. 7, sent in by Kings Sport & Tackle in Guerneville shows Chelsea Bacon with a 10-pound hatchery steelhead caught on a Hawken Jig with a slip float, along with family and friends with a 15 pounder, an 8 pounder and a 10 pounder caught with a guide from Kings.

The low clear water was keeping the fish holding in the Guerneville area with jigs or bait under a float working the best. Fly anglers swinging smaller presentations with a slow sink line were also scoring some nice fish.

On Sunday, “just in”, was a 10-pound steelie caught by Chelsea Bacon near Guerneville with a Hawken jig and a slip float, and a group with two 15 pounders, an 8 pounder and a 10 pounder, all on Hawken jigs and a slip float while fishing with guide from Kings Sport & Tackle.

The slight rain that came in on Friday brought up the flow and got the fish moving and plug anglers started getting some fish as well. All things are going to change on Tuesday, as there is an extremely potent system going to impact our area with rain predictions in the 3- to 5-inch range.

It’s hard to predict what will happen, but with that much rain the river in the Guerneville area it is forecast to rise 10 feet and the flows in Healdsburg may go from 200 cfs to 3000 cfs. Expect a muddy, higher river for a few days, which will get the fish moving. Give us a call on Wednesday or Thursday for a more accurate up-to-date report (707) 869-2156.

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