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Largemouth worthy targets, stripers show signs of life at Diamond Valley Lake

WON Staff Writer
Published: Jul 06, 2017
HEMET — Largemouth bass at Diamond Valley Lake are still acting non-discriminatory when it comes to depth and presentations, and striped bass have casually returned to the scene after taking a few weeks off.


A RIVER2SEA ROVER fooled a 6-pound DVL largemouth and other respectable pre-tourney bass for Sun Valley angler Javier Franco. He was fishing along the West Dam.

“The bite’s been solid,” said Matt Magnone of Last Chance Bait and Tackle in Hemet. “Neko, drop-shot, Texas rig, swimbait, topwater, jerkbaits. It’s literally that good. Not wide open by any means, but they’re biting enough to where you can catch a fair amount. On some days, you’ll whack over 20, and others it’s 5 to 10. Regardless, you should be catching fish.”

Tournament angler Javier Franco fished DVL and managed a decent amount of bites in a half day of fishing before the sun was too hot to handle, but he did pop a 6 pounder on a River2Sea Rover (topwater) worked along the West Dam.

Based on other reports sent to WON, it still looks like more bass are biting shallow but better quality is being found offshore in deeper water over submerged weeds and humps. Flukes are also connecting with DVL largemouth.



THIS 9-POUND striped bass was caught by Hemet guide Mike Southerland along Diamond Valley Lake’s East Dam. He was “flycoring,” which was the method also used when he helped a client put together a 35-pound, 5-striper stringer.

Striped bass are also showing a pulse after a solid month of laying low. It actually was only a matter of time, as bass anglers zipping from one end of the lake to the other were running across big schools of stripers hanging in about 40 feet of open water that either wouldn’t bite, or the bassers didn’t bother trying.

Local guide Mike Southerland put a client on five striped bass for a 35-pound stringer, and he personally nabbed a 9 pounder. All of those fish were caught on his own “Flycoring” method that’s based on trolling flies on leadcore line. He was working along the East Dam.

Big bluegill also continue to snap, either around spawning beds or near any of the dams. Water temperature is pushing mid 70s.

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