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Lake San Antonio’s North Shore now closed

Nearby Nacimiento spotted bass ‘on fire’

WON Staff Writer
Published: Nov 03, 2017
South Shore to shift to weekends-only operation Nov. 10

BRADLEY — Well, that’s a wrap for the season for the North Shore of Lake San Antonio, which reopened after the Lightning in the Bottle Festival earlier this year. Over the weekend, rumors were swirling that Lake San Antonio might in fact close its South Shore operations as well — and possibly sooner than anyone thought — but it seems that the rumors of the South Shore’s demise are just that… rumors.


SPINNERBAITS ARE JUST one of the many lures getting Lake Nacimiento’s spotted bass to commit in recent days. Local angler Rich Lingor got this spot to go.


Local outdoor writer Rich Lingor contacted the Monterey County Board of Supervisors looking for answers on press day.

“Well, the North Shore is going to stay closed until next year, and it looks like the South Shore will go to weekends-only operation starting Nov. 10,” Lingor said. Just to ensure that county officials know the demand for keeping the lake open, Lingor suggested emailing the Board of Supervisors at and letting them know that anglers and boaters would like the lake to remain open during the offseason.

“It’s kind of a bummer that the lake won’t be open during the week moving forward, because the stripers just started picking up a little bit,” Lingor added. “Most of the catches are coming on trolled baits but there has been a little topwater too.” Lingor said green bass action was also improving a bit, but is still on the slower side of the ledger overall. Catfish are still biting pretty well on cut baits and stinkbaits at San Antone.


WHITE BASS ARE starting to show with a little more frequency at Nacimiento, too.

For some fast-paced fishing, area anglers need to look no further than neighboring Lake Nacimiento, where the favorable conditions and some cooler weather have sparked a very strong spotted bass bite.

“The spots at Nacimiento are just on fire right now,” Lingor said. “It’s bordering on wide-open action right now and guys are having anywhere between 20- to 80-fish days on the spotted bass, and it’s pretty much been whatever you want to throw.” Lingor noted that soft plastics, spinnerbaits, underspins, inline spinners and spoons have all been effective bait choices, and there’s been a few solid topwater windows early to spice things up.

White bass are still somewhat hit and miss, but they’ve been a little more hit in recent days. Kastmasters and Rooster Tails have been tops when anglers find themselves stumbling upon a school of the whities.

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