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Lake Sabrina Fishing Report

Lake Sabrina Fishing Report

Written by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff

Lake Sabrina Boat Landing


June 26, 2017

Yowza – what a week! It’s been a busy one at the Lake with the water on the rise. We’re about 10’ from spill with 3 pipes open and the water is still coming up about a foot in a 24 hour period. Docks on the move, log booms on the move, the cart’s on the move and some rocks were also on the move this week.

The fishing was great this week. Lots of limits still coming out of the Lake – we got fish last Friday and we got our weekly stocking for this week today (Monday). The best spots on the Lake on where you are finding run-off streams (and there’s 5 of those) or the Inlets with NightCrawlers, PowerBait or Jigs. (Rick and I fished the Lake last Thursday and caught over 20 fish in a couple of hours free-lining a NightCrawler into the current.) Trolling flashers (Dave Davis) and a NightCrawler or just a NightCrawler (don’t forget the swivel) or a Thomas Buoyant – Red and Gold, of course, around the shoreline or rockpiles. Drifting NightCrawlers, or PowerBait. Shore fishing NightCrawlers, PowerBait or tossing Lures.

Tim Hendrickson landed a 4-1/4 pound brute using green PowerBait. Lexie Voeltner caught a 2-1/4 pound Rainbow using a NightCrawler as Talen, Lisa and Phil Moores all caught fish to contribute to dinner. Ashley, just 3 years old, caught her limit along with Rob, Richard and Vicky Cranmer and Ana Prado. They caught 75 and kept just enough for dinner. John Erwin along with John and Justin Peterson caught all kinds of fish using NightCrawlers. The 13th Annual TMAFI Tourney took place this weekend at Lake Sabrina – the winners: Jeff Hurley – Biggest Fish, Erica Mason – Longest Fish, Bodie Barnes – Junior Biggest Fish and Beckett Hurley – Junior Longest Fish – Congratulations!

The rocks were on the move just below the North Lake road. We heard them and of course had to take a look. A good divot on the up side of the road, a nice size rock on the down side of the road and one of the snow poles horizontally sticking out into the road on the down side. Rick to the rescue – pushed that stick right out of the road.  

There are baby Wrens! Mom and Dad are busy keeping the little munchkins fed and are flying back and forth at a furious pace. So watch out when heading to the door – they whiz by you pretty darn fast.

The yellowish-green gunk on the Lake is Pine Pollen. The Purple Lilacs are in bloom and smell oh so wonderful. The Yellow Columbines are also in bloom right outside the door over the fence.

Remember the chance of ThunderBoomers – we got them Saturday afternoon – lightning, thunder, rain and hail. Bring it on MaMa we love it! Temps dropped pretty quickly when they came in – so don’t forget that jacket – quite a few sweatshirts sold that day. A bit breezy Monday, but that should be dropping off Wednesday. The highs look to be in the low-70s for the week and the lows in the mid-40s and sunny. Check – enter Aspendell, CA, in the search field and scroll down a bit.

The trail leading up into the Sabrina Basin at the George Creek Crossing is just downright dangerous as is the Tyee Creek Crossing when hiking from the South Lake Road up to the Tyee Lakes. Please be extremely caution when crossing any creek crossing. If you must hike it is not advisable to take children.

If you’re planning on spent July 4th in Bishop, check out the spectacular fireworks show sponsored by the Bishop Fire Department on July 4 @ 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm at the Bishop Airport on East Line St.  Bring your barbecue, coolers, and shade. After sundown, watch the night sky show. Contact 760-873-5863 for info.

July 21 - July 22 - The 2nd Annual Eastern Sierra Music Festival benefits the National Wounded Warrior Center in addition to offering two days of nonstop music, vendors, RV camping, and cameraderie in the eastern Sierra. Check out for more info!

Important stuff that just stays in the report for a bit:


Watch out for Deer – especially during dawn and dusk.

The Lake had been low due to a concern for flooding in the Valley. The Powers-to-Be are trying to spread the water over the valley floor to replenish the aquifer and to minimize flooding when the run-off really gets going. Remember, too, we are a reservoir - we always start low in the spring as SCE uses water during the winter to produce electricity thru their hydro-plants and there is only snow falling. As we warm up, the run-off begins and the Lake starts to fill. We are usually at capacity at the beginning of July and stay at capacity during August. Once the run-off winds down, the Lake level starts to lower - and the water cycle of the Lake begins again. Hope this gives some insight on why there is so little water in the Lake. 😀

If you catch a big fish or a limit just to have your picture taken for the webpage and then try and give your fish away – we won’t post your picture, but then again we may post it as ‘WASTER OF A PERFECTLY GOOD FISH TO EAT’! Crimp down your barbs, take a picture on the boat and release it for another day.

If you’re hiking stay safe out there. Remember to leave a note about your destination and approximate return time and a clothing description. And you might want to hike with a buddy!

When using the bug juice, try not to get it on your hands – you’ll transfer it to your bait and the fish just don’t like bug juice or sunscreen or lotion or cologne or perfume. Wash your hands in the stream or Lake to get it off, and then use some fish attractant on your hands.

Make sure you wear some kind of sun protection – the sun and reflection off the water will do a number on your skin and eyeballs!

Some new faces with us this year.

Safe travels.

Juanita, Rick, Patti, Len, Ginny, Dwayne, Jamin & Wade

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