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Lake record crushed at Lake Poway

WON Staff Writer
Published: Jul 20, 2017
POWAY — Over 2,000 pounds of catfish have already been stocked to kick off the season at Lake Poway, but a new lake-record kittie wasn’t among them. In fact, it was one of the blue catfish that reside in the lake with the literal tonnage of stocked channel cats that go in and hold over every year, and as far as breaking the previous record, it wasn’t even close.


NEW LAKE RECORD — This 45-pound, 8-ounce blue catfish caught by Ryan Hopkins smashed the previous record (set in 2008) by 10 pounds. He was fishing with 20-pound test and a mackerel from shore on Jump Off Point.

The 45-pound, 8-ounce leviathan caught by Ryan Hopkins bet the previous record (set in 2008) by a whopping 10 pounds. He was fishing with his buddy, Nathan DeWeese , from shore at Jump Off Point with 20-pound test and mackerel for bait. It must have been a bit of a tag team as lake officials have indicated that the duo will share the record.

“Their yells of excitement as they fought and finally landed it could be heard throughout the lake,” said Senior Park Ranger Marc Barca. The fish was weighed at the dock and released.

The next delivery of channel cats arrives on July 21 followed by Aug. 4 and 18. Each of those plants are of the 1,300-pound variety. Night fishing is available on Friday and Saturday nights until 11:30 p.m. (boats back in at 11). You must bring a lantern and arrive before 9 p.m when the concession stand closes so you can buy a permit.

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