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Lake Poway’s final catfish stock and final shot at night fishing coming up

WON Staff Writer
Published: Aug 18, 2017


POWAY — Well that was fast.Just like that, the end of catfish season is on the horizon, but there is one more stock coming up, and Lake Poway will have plenty of holdovers for anglers to pick off right up until the first trout plant.

POWAY LAKE REGULAR Kirk Aguon put together this catfish limit while soaking mackerel in Boulder Bay. 


Lake regular Kirk Aguon of Poway limited out on mackerel in Boulder Bay, but there weren’t any particularly large fish pulled out as of the last report, and fishing has been a little slower overall. The good news is, a 1,300-pound catfish delivery is slated to go in on Friday, Aug. 8, and that will be the last catfish stock of the season.

Aug. 26 will be the last night for night fishing. Boat rentals for night fishing starts at 4 p.m., and anglers are required to bring a lantern. Boaters are having especially good luck along the Log Boom, and the way to do it is cut mackerel on 6-pound line with little or no weight. Bank walkers can take advantage of this area, too, and both banks have been productive.

Bass action has been fair on finesse tactics like drop-shots, ¼-ounce jigs, Ned Rigs and stickbaits.

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