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Lake Mead Preparation

by Jason Haley

I just spent my first day on Lake Mead in preparation for the 35th Annual WON Bass U.S. Open. Wow! This place is amazing. It's hard to focus due to the spectacular scenery and wildlife. The water is clear, with visibility to nearly 30 feet. Schools of Striped Bass are chasing Shadow all over the lake. I caught two on a top water plug by accident. The Smallmouth are mixing in these hunting packs and you can actually observe the chaos above and below the surface. Temps are still high on the surface (mid 70s). Largemouth are hanging in the backwaters near grass with deepwater nearby. I caught a few bass, not trying to stick too many, but only a few were over 13 inches. I observed a few larger bass, but none over 3 pounds. Off to explore again today!

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