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Lake Camanche Fishing Report

Lake Camanche Fishing Report

Lake Camanche Staff
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Lake Camanche was not currently receiving a release from Pardee Lake at the time of this report but the lake was still holding at 72% with an elevations of 218.64′. Lake Camanche is continuing to release approximately 334 C.F.S into the Mokelumne River. Pardee Lake was showing 96% full at the time of this report.

Water temperatures are remaining relatively warm at 56 degrees at the surface. Just wondering if the lake is going to turn over this year…

Mt. Lassen trout farm delivered ended 2017 with two loads totaling 9,600 lbs.! Thursday 1/4/18 they delivered 1,200 lbs. to the south ramp. The total of drop since they started in Oct. is 33,600 lbs. We are expecting an additional 1,200 lbs. sometime before next weekend.

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