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Lake Berryessa Fishing Report

Written By RB Bass

Fished the BBT Northern this past weekend with Randy Walker of RBBass, and it was a grind. The previous week we were on a good bed fish and River2sea S-waver bite, and with the full moon and good weather we looked for those fish on Friday, but they were nowhere to be found. So, we changed our game plan a little bit, caught a few fish on the S-waver and really started getting them going on a Keitech Underspin. They seemed to not be eating it all over the lake so we keyed in on bait in the back of coves in the Narrows. Nothing over 3 pounds on practice but largemouth were eating it.

Tournament Day;

We blasted out of Pleasure Cove, went straight to the back of our cove and found the bait. We both caught a couple and then it happened. I felt a tick and tried to set the hook but he was running toward me, I was reeling to catch up and it was a Giant black that jumps, I turned him down and he pulled off and I hit the deck of the boat. Lesson learned… Don’t ever underestimate the bite, always be on your game cause a big one does not care about your tournament!!

We had between 10-12 lbs at the end of the day due to a Dropshot , Senko, And the Underspin…look for bait jumping out of the water and you’ll find fish…Thanks for reading my “Big Fish Tale”

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