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Kokanee plentiful at Bullards Bar

WON Staff Writer
Published: Jul 20, 2017
DOBBINS — Kokanee limits at Bullards Bar Reservoir continue to come easily to the clients of guide Rustic Rob Reimers, who has been cashing in on the generous 10-fish limits allowed at the lake.


BULLARDS BAR KOKES  —  Robert and Kathy Ripley, fishing with their grandkids Parker and Taylor, caught 30 kokanees at Bullard's Bar by 10 a.m. “We could have gotten 40 fish, but it was getting too hot so we stopped,” said guide Rob Reimer of Rustic Rob’s Guide Service. They used Brad's kokanee cut plug at 35 feet.

“Basically it’s the same thing we have been doing,” Reimers said. “We are fishing about 35 feet deep and using Brad’s Kokanee Cut Plugs in pink. We go through an area of fish and it’s ‘bam, bam, bam. Move to another area and it’s the same thing. Then we just turn around and do it again.”

With fishing that hot, it doesn’t take long to fill the stringer.

The kokes are averaging 12 inches long with an occasional 13-inch fish. Reimers said. “I think they are peaking in size because we are finding some fish with fairly mature eggs.”

Bullards Bar is one of five lakes in California with a 10-fish kokanee limit. The others are Pardee Reservoir, Bucks Lake, Trinity and Scotts Flat.

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