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Klamath Steelhead action begins

Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

by Scott Caldwell

The Fall/Winter Steelhead season on the Upper Klamath is beginning. The Salmon that have come to spawn have brought with them some nice hungry Steelhead. Back trolling small 3.0 Yakima bait company maglips souped up with Pro-Cure Carpspit or Bloody Tuna scent brought steady action the past two days. These are some hard fighting fish and it will only get better as the Salmon spawn later in month. My clients caught and released all fish the last two days. Salmon although not targeted were caught but have to be released due to no take restrictions this year. Steelhead can be kept if they are hatchery fish but the last few years have been hard come by. With that said the weather is great and combined with very little fishing pressure the Klamath is then place come catch fish and have peaceful day on water.

Loving the Maglip
Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell
Salmon like the maglips too
Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell
Thumbs up
Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell
Can't beat the weather or fishing action
Photo Credit: Scott Caldwell

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