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Klamath action all day long

Klamath action all day long

Scott Caldwell
(530) 905-0758

The Trout and Steelhead action is an all day affair. The Salmon are laying eggs and therefore providing meals all day long for the feasting Steelhead and Trout. My clients the last few days have enjoyed consistent action from the moment we put our lines in the water. These hungry hard fighting fish are smashing just about anything you out in the water. Of course eggs patterns under the  indicator or Backtrolling bait have been the hottest. Maglip And grandad plugs smothered in Pro- Cure scents have also been producing. The lions share of the have been 10 to 18 inches in size and 1 to 3 pounds. We have been also catching and releasing lots of bigger adult Steelhead in the 20 inch plus range, these fish have weigh as much as 6 pounds. Steelhead fishing will only get better as we head into winter. This is one of best times to get on the Klamath no fishing pressure and amazing fall scenery to go along with Sunny mind temperatures. 

Give me a call at 530 905 0758 or go on my the my booking calendar and find a day the works for you. 

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