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KIRBY'S KATCH Nor Cal Fish Whisperers Tournament

Courtesy of the Auburn Journal
By: Kirby Desha for The News Messenger
Jan 31, 2018

The Nor Cal Fish Whisperers Tournament is a collection of anglers creating a family friendly community of fisherman devoted to sharing techniques, pictures, and fishing reports in Northern California.

These anglers promote fun fishing events and work to get kids involved in the sport.

This recent tournament at Collins Lake brought in 54 adults and 24 kids, all competing for over $3,000 in cash and prizes.

I am not much of a tournament guy, but my friend Gary from Marysville asked if I would come along and try our luck at this one.

We arrived at the lake about 6 a.m. and were met by tournament host and current chairman of the NCFW Jason Marquitte. We paid our fees and got a couple of boxes of night crawlers (courtesy of Big Red Worm Company), along with some Pro Cure fish scent.

It was still dark when we launched; launching in the dark is something I hadn’t done in a while. At least one angler slipped on the icy ramp while getting his boat into the water.

We got out from the ramp and got set up. We started working toward the east side of the lake and, within a few minutes, I had our first trout in the box. Nothing big, but I figured we were off to a good start.

Well, the rest of the day was a struggle and, despite picking up a huge crappie and missing some other strikes, we came back to the dock with nothing to weigh in.

 We were not alone, as only 25 fish were weighed that day. I suspected that a shore angler would win the event and I was right.

Sometimes one good fish is all you need and the winner was Jeremy Monks. Jeremy caught his big, winning trout fishing power bait at the beach area.

On a cold day where any fish were hard to come by, Monks’ catch weighed in at 7 pounds 4 ounces. Not only did he leave with the biggest fish, he also took home more than $900 in prize money.

Gary and I did come away with some consolation prizes, such as a bag of Pro-Cure scents and a kokanee setup from GVF fishing.

Below were the tournament results:

Adult Division

1st Place: Jeremey Monks, 7 pounds 4 ounces

2nd Steve Ramsey 6 pounds 15 ounces

3rd Perry Frazier 5 pounds 2 ounces

Kids Division

1st Tyler Chazon

2nd Michaels Smith

3rd (tie) Ava and Adam Contreras

To learn more about the Nor Cal Fish Whisperers, visit them on Facebook at

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