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Updated - 12/18/17

Current River Conditions: 569 CFS at Truckee.

Fishing is good for those who know the river.  We are getting pretty good reports this week.  The clear weather is a bonus.  The river fishes well at these lower flows and the fish are hugging the slower water next to shore so be careful not to spook them when approaching the river.  The holding water along the seams is much closer to shore than during lower flows.  The best fishing is going to be where the warmer water is so avoid areas that stay in the shade all day.  ​

Good reports still coming from the lower river closer to Reno.  Warmer water means more active fish. 

Indicator nymphing suspending Golden Stone patterns with a midge or baetis dropper can be productive as can dragging streamers along the edges and undercuts.  Dead drifting a San Juan Worm along the edges should pick up some fish too.  ​

We have guides who are on the Truckee every day no matter what the season. Give the shop a call (916)483-1222 or click here and we will set you up. 

Generally Recommended Patterns for the Truckee


Parachute/tan or pale yellow #16 & #18,  Stimulator/#10 & #12,

Humpy/yellow #14 & #16, Adams Parachute #14, #16, #18, Royal Wulff #14, Renegade #14. 

Baetis Parachute#18, Elk Hair Caddis #14, #16, Fat Albert #8, #10 (pink, tan, yellow)​


Pheasant Tail #12, #14 & #16, San Juan Worm/passionate pink, Mercer's Epoxy Stone #12 & #14 Copper John/red or copper #14, #16, Prince Nymph (various sizes), Wooly Bugger/rusty, black, Glow Bug/red. Near Nuff Crayfish #8, Mercer's Micro Mayfly #18,  Black Rubber Legs. Mercer's Micro Mayfly #18​

Crawdads: Our guides recommend the Near Nuff Crayfish #8 or Creek Crawler #8.  



Updated - 12/18/17

Current Conditions: Water temps 50 degrees 

Fishing is poor to fair depending where you are fishing.  Fish are moving around a lot so you have to put some miles on the boat to find them. We did have a good report that Broad Slough had fish this past week though we received a report this week that the fish are hard to find so  if you go make sure you have a full tank of fuel in your boat.  Fish are going to tend to be found in areas with warmer water. ​​

Clouser Minnows in various color combos work well.  Chartreuse and white seem to work most of the time.  

If you don't own or have access to a watercraft, give us a call 916)483-1222  or click here and we will set you up with one of our guides.   

Recommended General All Around Patterns

Clouser Minnow - chartreuse/white, gray/white #2
Gurgler: chartreuse/white #2
Near Enough (Crawdad) #2

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