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Kiene's American Fly Fishing Co. Fishing Report

Courtesy of Kiene's American Fly Fishing Co.

Updated - 9/23/17





Current River Conditions: Flows have dropped to around 68.7 CFS and the river is at a very fishable flow.  

Fishing  is good but unfortunately you will probably have lots of company, so it's best to go midweek.  A few bigger fish that have escaped the low flows of the low flows of the main Truckee and are spread out in the river.  More and more Browns are showing up.   Upper section near the dam is fishing best. 

This is a good river to fish with a guide your first time out so give us a call at the shop and we will hook you up . . . no pun intended.   

Recomended Patterns


Parachute PMD pale yellow #16 & #18, Stimulator/Yellow #10 & #12, Fat Albert/tan #8, Humpy/yellow #14 & #16, Parachute Blue Wing Olive #18. Adams Parachute #14 & #16. 


Pheasant Tail #12, #14 #16 & #18, San Juan Worm/pink, Mercer's Epoxy Stone #12 & #14, Copper John/red or copper #14, #16, Mercer's Micro Mayfly #18.

A crawdad pattern might get you a big one.



Current River Conditions: Flows have are continuing to drop and are now down to 215 CFS which is a great flow for this river.  Check weather reports before going as summer thunderstorms can blow this river out quickly. 
Fishing is fair. The river should fish great this weekend after Alpine County plants 1800 lbs of fish this week.  Many are in the 2-5 lb range.  A #8 Stimulator or foam hopper pattern with a red Copper John below will be deadly on these fish.  Fish have been planted in several spots along Hwy 89 and Hwy 4. 

Recommended Patterns

Pheasant Tail #12, #14 & #16, San Juan Worm/passionate pink, Liz's Tequila Twist, Golden Stone Nymph #8,, #10, & #12, Copper John/red or copper #14, #16, Prince Nymph (various sizes), Wooly Bugger/rusty, black, Glow Bug/red.  If you see a pod of planters, try dragging a rusty Wooly Bugger with a size #18, Copper John/red tied on as a dropper through the school.







Current River Conditions: The river is running at about 2340 CFS at Orleans, about 950 CFS at Irongate Dam.  ​

Fishing is good and improving.  The rain this past week raised the river about six inches so as usual, the Steelhead in the lower river skedaddled right up to the Orleans area where fishing is good.    

Keep checking our river flows link below for up to date water temperatures and flows.  Swinging with a Silver Hilton in the riffles is catching fish.  

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