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Ken's Sporting Goods Fishing Report

Ken's Sporting Goods

Gateway to the east walker river

EAST WALKER RIVER          July 30, 2017

The East is flowing at about 500 cfs right now, it’s still a bit high for most anglers but the fishing is definitely getting better! There have been lots of nice rainbows and some really nice browns being caught down there. It seems as though the upper mile is doing the best, the lower stretch will undoubtedly pick up as the flows come down a bit more. We’ve had some good reports from anglers getting into 15 or 20 fish per day, mostly nymphing with a few fish being caught on streamers with some fish up to 24 or 25 inches being caught. The river has had a tough go over the last decade with all the drought years it has gone through, whenever possible please practice catch and release down there so it will have a better chance to get back to its old self! Flies to try include: dark lord, san juan worm, zebra midge, darth baetis, micro mayfly, flashback emerger, zuddler and sculpzilla. 


SCEIRINE RANCH               July 30, 2017 

We haven’t had anyone on the ranch this week but when the flows start to come down we expect the fishing to be excellent down there! 


HUNEWILL POND               July 30, 2017

We had some pretty good reports from the pond this week in spite if the weeds. There are patches of more clear water here and there and when you work the edges of those patches the fishing can be pretty good. Some anglers reported only getting into a couple fish but others reported up to 10 fish, all with good fight and some up to around 18 inches. Successful patterns this week included: zack attack leech, soft hackles, parachute adams, blue wing olive and stillwater nymphs. 


BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR              July 30, 2017   

Bridgeport is still on fire for the anglers fishing from boats or kayaks. It’s important to get your baits in the stream channels and out of the weeds for success. The Buckeye Bay Area is still the place to be. Bait anglers are using crawlers, powerbait, mice tails and pinched crawlers. There are still a few anglers trolling with crawlers, thomas bouyants and rapalas but you need to make sure your lures are weed free fairly often. If you keep them clean you should have some good success. There have been lots of Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Foundation tagged fish being caught up to almost 7 pounds out there. 


KIRMAN LAKE                           July 30, 2017

No reports from Kirman this week, if you have any information from up there and want to pass it on it would be appreciated! 


TWIN LAKES                      July 30, 2017

The Twins are fishing pretty well these days with lots of nice fish being caught up to nearly 7 pounds! Fly anglers are doing well tubing or kayaking with streamers like wooly buggers, matukas and leech patterns. Bait anglers are doing well with powerbait, pinched crawlers and night crawlers. The trolling is also still hanging in there with thomas bouyants, speedy shiners, rapalas and crawlers.   


WEST WALKER RIVER                          July 30, 2017   

The West is starting to come down a bit but is still fairly high and off color, not chocolate milk off color but not clear yet. I’d say that over the next  couple weeks it should shape up pretty nicely. As we start getting reports in we’ll let you know! 


VIRGINIA LAKES                     July 30, 2017  

The Virginias have livened up quite a bit this week with lots of nice brookies and rainbows being caught up there! Lure anglers are using panther martins, kastmasters and thomas bouyants. Bait anglers are going with inflated crawlers, mice tails and pinched crawlers. Fly anglers are using matukas, Simi seal leeches, seal buggers and wooly buggers. 


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