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Ken's Sporting Goods Fish Report

Ken's Sporting Goods

Gateway to the east walker river

Fishing Reports


EAST WALKER RIVER          September 17, 2017

The East is down to around 260 cfs now and is starting to liven up. We’ve been getting some very good reports and of course some that are not so good as well. It’s still very technical fishing so you need to be on your game to get into decent numbers of fish. The fish that are being caught are mostly in the 12 to 18 inch range but there are some tipping the tape around 24 to 26 inches. The streamer action has gotten better lately and the nymphing is still hanging in there, still now dry action to speak of. Patterns to try: dead drift crayfish, great basin drifter, zuddler, moal leech, darth baetis, san juan worm, wd-40, silver streak, rainbow warrior, dark lord, fox’s poopah, buckskin caddis, deep sparkle pupa and z-wing caddis. 


SCEIRINE RANCH              September 17, 2017 

The ranch is still fishing very well on streamers and nymphs, like the Cali side nothing much on dries. Most of the same patterns that are listed above are doing well with dead drift crayfish and san juan worms working especially well. The traffic is pretty light on the ranch compared to the California side so the fish tend to be a little more grabby down there. Give us a call if you want to book some time on the ranch. 


HUNEWILL POND              September 17, 2017

The pond has gotten pretty weedy as of late so we’re going to try to get it cleaned up, when we do we’ll get some reports to you asap!


BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR              September 17, 2017  

Bridgeport is still fishing excellent, mostly from boats but we have been getting a few reports of some fish being caught from the shore, both near Paradise Shores as well as down near the dam. This would indicate that with the cooler water the fish are starting to spread out again which should be good for both the shore fishing and the trolling. We’ve also had some reports of some nice fish being caught in the East Walker channel but mostly still up in the Buckeye Bay channels. As the fish spread out the Rainbow Point area should start getting good too. Bait anglers are using power bait, pinched crawlers, mice tails and inflated crawlers. Lure anglers are using speedy shiners, thomas bouyants and rapalas. There has been a few good reports from fly anglers both stripping streamers and stillwater nymphing, try seal buggers, simi seal leeches and mini leeches as well as soft hackles, ice cream cones and rojo midges. 


KIRMAN LAKE                           September 17, 2017

No reports from Kirman this week, if you have any information from up there and want to pass it on it would be appreciated! 


TWIN LAKES                      September 17, 2017

The Twins are still kicking out some nice fish both spin fishing and fly fishing, no big browns this week but lots of nice rainbows up to almost 6 pounds. Trolling has been good with thomas bouyants, kastmasters and rapalas. Bait anglers are using pinched crawlers, mice tails and power bait. Fly anglers are using seal buggers, matukas, leeches and soft hackles.   


WEST WALKER RIVER                          September 17, 2017 

The flows on the West have come down to levels that are making the fishing better and better. The river is running at about 142 cfs today which is improving the fly fishing with hopper/dropper rigs as well as straight dries. Fly anglers are using para hoppers, stimulators, para madam x, dave’s hopper on top and soft hackles, birds nest, prince nymphs and pheasant tails underneath. Bait anglers are using mice tails, salmon eggs and crawlers. Lure anglers are using panther martins, mepps and rooster tails. 


VIRGINIA LAKES                     September 17, 2017  

The Virginias are still fishing very well with lots of nice fish being caught up there. The crowds are getting smaller since Labor Day is over so there’s plenty of room to fish. Fly anglers are using buggers and leech patterns with soft hackle and pheasant tail droppers, there’s also still a little bit of surface action with beetles and ants. Bait anglers are using pinched crawlers, night crawlers and mice tails. Lure angler are using kastmasters, Thomas bouyants and small rapalas.

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