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Ken's Sporting Goods Fish Report

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Fishing Reports

By Jim Reid

EAST WALKER RIVER        December 03, 2017

The East is still running at about 50 cfs, we haven’t had too many reports from down there lately but the ones we have had have been pretty decent. The weather has been pretty nice lately (except maybe for today) and the fish seem to be pretty happy as the water isn’t too cold yet. It sounds like the Nevada side is fishing pretty well as is the upper mile section of the California side. The lower stretch in CA between the bridge and Murphy’s Pond seems to be a little slower. 

Recommended Flies:

Zebra midge, flashback emerger, san juan worm, pheasant tail, copper John, micro mayfly, zuddler, moal leech, double bunny, sculpzilla. 


SCEIRINE RANCH               December 03, 2017

I haven’t had any reports from the ranch this week but we have some clients heading down there this coming week so when I get some info I’ll pass it on!


HUNEWILL POND                December 03, 2017

We haven’t had anyone on the pond lately but as soon as we do we’ll pass on the info!! 


BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR                December 03, 2017

Closed until April 28, 2018 


KIRMAN LAKE                            December 03, 2017

Closed until April 28, 2018 


TWIN LAKES                        December 03, 2017

Closed until April 28, 2018 


WEST WALKER RIVER                            December 03, 2017

We haven’t heard anything from the West lately but will let you know as soon as we do! 


VIRGINIA LAKES                        December 03, 2017 

Closed until April 28, 2018 


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