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Just two months left!

WON Staff Writer
Published: Oct 31, 2017
OXNARD — With just a couple of months left to make a rockfish trip or two before season’s end, Channel Islands-area landings and boats were gearing up for the final push. Up in this neck of the woods, the Santa Ana winds brought a few days of heavy weather for the local coast and local islands, but the outer islands saw slick-calm conditions during the hot weather we had last week.

DRESSED TO MATCH, this group of anglers sported the black and red fishing sheephead aboard Capt. Hook’s Coroloma.


While the local boats bore the brunt, the hot, dry northeasters opened up some of the least accessible reaches of San Miguel and Santa Rosa Island’s epic bottom fishing. Then over the weekend, the tables turned and local areas had the halcyon conditions instead.

Ventura Sportfishing’s Robert Meyer reported some “sack filling-style rockfishing with some big reds, big whitefish and sheephead to boot.” He continued, “Today the Amigo had a nice white seabass, which is a good sign since the squid started showing up as well.”

So with new squid nests in the picture, the Channel Islands area will have bluefin bait to boot, as rumors cycled around about tuna just south of the Channel Islands. The Pacific Dawn was back in the Ventura fold and whacking away at the rockfish and such. Meanwhile, local areas kicked out morning samples of yellowtail.

As far as the numbers, both outer island boats whacked ling and rockfish limits easily, adding in some prodigious bonus bass numbers, mostly grade-large ocean whitefish and sheephead.

CISCO’s spokesman Mike Thompson said, “Currently, we are still catching yellowtail and other game fish normally reserved for the summer months. Not that the water is unusually warm, but simply, the fish haven’t left. These species will eventually depart, so if you’re still in search of yellowtail, calico bass, halibut or even bonito, come get yours!”


BOSS LINGCOD ABOARD the Ranger 85 for Rick Mooney. It weighted 22 pounds.


He noted that his fleet might soon be all about straight bottom biters with winter quickly approaching.

At Capt. Hook’s Landing, the New Hustler got in on the outer island opportunity, posting rockfish limits and 25 lings for 16 fishers. On the local scene, there were fair to good numbers of rockfish but Coroloma anglers were compelled to bag some of those micro ocean whitefish now so abundant in local waters. They got a nice whack on the bonito Thursday after the Santa Anas died down.

In other announcements, local lobster getters were advised by DFW not to eat the viscera (guts and gonads) of East Santa Cruz Island and Anacapa Island lobster, as domoic acid levels deemed too high to be safe were observed. With the consumers of commercially caught lobster unlikely to get effective notice in this regard, the commercial lobster fishery in this area was temporarily closed, pending safer levels.

Los Angeles Rod and Reel spokesman Steve Simon announced the club’s annual tackle swap meet and sale will be on Nov. 12. It runs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will be at Malibu Fish’n Tackle in Thousand Oaks (3130 East Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362).


ANOTHER MONSTER FLATFISH from the Channel Islands. Sun Do Kim fished the Pacific Dawn out of Ventura Sport­fishing and landed this 50 pounder.

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