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Jess Lakes Ranch gives up pair of double-digit rainbows

Published: Nov 22, 2017
APPLE VALLEY — As a year-round trout fishery, rainbows at Jess Lakes Ranch started biting as soon as the first signs of fall weather arrived. That gave The Ranch a head start this trout season, and big fish in particular are cooperating of late.

CAST MAN — Craig Castellanos fooled this 13.77-pound trout near the drain on Lake 3 at Jess Lakes Ranch.


Craig Castellanos of Victorville popped a 13.77-pound rainbow while fishing a Combat PBJ Jig along the west shore of Lake 3 near the drain. Next on the big-fish list was Chino Hills angler Shaun Seiji Maki who was fishing the Big Lake with a Sniper Baits minnow when he connected with a tanker trout that tipped the scale at 13 pounds. Jesse Vasquez of Victorville took a 6 pounder that ate a white Trout King jig on the west shore of Lake 3 near the bridge.

This flurry of big trout definitely has anglers fired up, but the bite hasn’t been wide open by any stretch of the imagination. Jess Ranch staffers told WON the bite is slow-to-fair overall, on both lakes, and PowerBait in rainbow, garlic or salmon peach along with nightcrawlers are also putting trout on stringers. Most of the trout being caught are in the 1- to 2.5-pound range.

Catfish that have also been turning heads in recent weeks can still be caught on mackerel or garlic nightcrawlers on a long cast into the middle of the Big Lake.

LUCKY NUMBER 13 — Shaun Seiji Maki of Chino Hills used a Sniper Baits minnow to fool this 13-pound Jess Lakes Ranch rainbow.
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