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Island Spirit connects with yellows and rockfish

WON Staff Writer
Published: Aug 01, 2017
Calico bass bite goes full tilt at islands

VENTURA/OXNARD — "The Island Spirit has been putting the wood to the local yellowtail as well as putting on limits of rockfish for the whole week," reported Ventura Sportfishing's Ed Guyette. A look at the scores showed the rig had taken 36 to slam limits of rockfish and sack 58 yellowtail on Saturday.


MIKE PITCHER AND Jerry Stussman with Channel Islands calico on the Sea Jay.

Plus, that boat had a litany of such hefty scores: 31 forks Tuesday, 25 more Wednesday, 12 more on Sunday, with 48 barracuda and 206 rockfish for 36 anglers. Meanwhile, the Amigo fished the outer islands for limits of lings on a 1-day trip and had a 2 dayer with 68 lings for 17 anglers on top of rockfish limits. Pacific Eagle was also in the mix, with hefty numbers of rockfish and a few gamefish each day.

At Channel Islands Sportfishing, the Erna B had the magic Sunday, with 12 anglers accounting for 20 'tails, and the same on barracuda and calico. Boats Island Tak and Sea Jay scored limits of calicos each day of the week, it seemed. Mirage was into lingcod limits and rockfish limits daily, fishing the outer islands, while the Pacific Islander did the same with 30 anglers Saturday – 60 lings and 300 rockfish.


GILL ROW OF Victorville beat the heat at Hook's Landing aboard the New Hustler, landing 23 pounds of sheephead.

CISCO's Assistant Manager Mike Thompson said, "This week we enjoyed some of the best calico fishing anglers have ever seen, and for those that have fished these parts for a long time, the best bass bite in at least a decade. They are averaging 16 or 17 inches with most much larger than that. Catching a calico bass weighing 6 or 7 pounds is not uncommon, with larger models hitting the 10-pound mark," added Thompson.

The average grade of yellows taken bumped up a notch too. Thompson said, "Previously we had been catching yellowtail in the 10-pound class or even smaller, but this week we saw a jump to larger fish in the upper teens with several yellows over 20 pounds."

Hook's Landing scores showed New Hustler tapping into limits of lings and rockfish Sunday, with 22 anglers accounting for a catch of 44 lings, limits of rockfish and a bonus of 40 whitefish. Tuesday, the Coroloma scored 42 yellows with 27 anglers aboard.


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