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Huge sheephead landed in Purisima's shallow water

WON Staff Writer
Published: Sep 27, 2017
AVILA BEACH — Capt. Kyle Dyerly, owner and skipper of the Phenix out of Patriot Sportfishing, Avila Beach, sent in an impressive photo of a sheephead caught on a swimbait while fishing the shallows of Purisima Point. The monster of a goat bested the 20-pound mark, at a whopping 22.4 pounds — not your usual Catalina Island-style black and red.

Party boaters out of Avila continued to slam limits on just about every trip, even highly subscribed weekend 1/2-day trips fishing local reefs were amazing. The Flying Fish was out with 24 Sunday, blasting out limits of rockfish for all hands in short order, adding in 7 lings along the way.


DAVE PIMINTEL AND Capt. Kyle Dyerly with Pimintel's behemoth sheephead, a 22.4 pounder he caught on a swimbait fishing Purisima's shallows aboard Dyerly's boat Phenix, Patriot Sportfishing, Avila Beach.


Bruce Harwood of Virg's Landing in Morro Bay provided a complete synopsis: "The rockfish bite remained great, with full limits the norm. On certain days/trips we were nailing the reds, and the ling bite is still up and down. The Rita G is scheduled to be back online this coming week... We had 5 trips go out with 111 anglers. They caught a total of 1,143 fish for full limits of rockfish, including 32 lings and 550 vermilion."

Highlights included the Fiesta's long range private charter up to Cape San Martin on Saturday. The 25 anglers scored 20 lings to go along with 200 reds, 20 coppers, 25 boccacio, 4 assorted and 1 rock sole. Hung Ly of Newberry Park won the jackpot with a 20-pound ling.

Tommy Struggs and Mike Raynore each qualified for the John Rowley Biggest, Baddest Lingcod Tournament — Struggs with a 21-pound ling and Raynore with a 15.4 pounder.

Harwood added, the surfperch bite continued hot and heavy, along with the occasional striper for those tossing Rapalas. Lugworms were the bait fisherman's bait of choice for the surf.

Cruising on over to Morro Bay Landing's results for the week, both Avenger and Endeavor wrapped up with some fat lingcod catches on full-day trips Sunday — still no word from the San Pedro Special.

Avenger carried 34 folks and bagged easy limits with 280 reds in the mix. They topped it off with 25 lings. Endeavor was out with 18 fishing and limited with 150 reds in the mix, adding limits of lings (36) to the sacks.




KENNY BARKER SCORED 3 stripers in the surf Tuesday at Dog Beach while tossing a Rapala into the white water just north of Morro Bay.

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