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Grizzly Hackle Mizzoula's Fly Shop Fish Report

Grizzly Hackle
215 West Front Street Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: 406.721.8996
November 24, 2017

Rock Creek

It’s on the rise, but still fishable if you want to get out.  It will be high and cold with melting snow.  Nymphing will be the best way to get into fish… San Juans, Eggs, Princes, PT’s and Double Bead stones.  Streamer fishing deep and slow is another option with Beldar Rubberlegs, Zonkers and Sparkle Minnows.

Clark Fork River

The Clarkfork is on the rise big time.  It might start to drop in the next day or so and the upper might be fishable by Sunday…

Blackfoot River

The Blackfoot went way up yesterday and it’s still on it’s way up.  Head somewhere else to fish or go hunting…

Bitterroot River

The Bitterroot shot up big time the last couple of days because of the rain.  It’s big and muddy right now.  It should start to drop later today (barring any rain) and could be fishable by tomorrow or Sunday.  If so then it’s time to break out the Tungsten San Juan’s, Eggs, Double Bead Stones, Rubberlegs and Yuk Bugs.  Streamer fishing slow and deep on the insides and right next to the bank where the water slows down with flashy streamers like Flash Minnows, Kreelex, D & D’s, Sparkle Minnows and Cheech Leeche’s.

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