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Gilligan's Guide Service Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Gilligan's Guide Service

Courtesy of Gilligan's Guide Service


Got a little cold here this weekend on the Truckee River. 

It snowed on us Friday, and now we’re finally hitting the 60’s again. Cold overnight lows, mild afternoons, gotta love fall. If it could just stay like this for 8 months.

Pretty descent solid fishing and the streamer bite getting better. Seems like the big fish are holding, more like hiding real tight too banks. We’ve moved some big fish out of the boat, but for the wade angler those big fish are not in their late fall water yet. They will much easier to get once they are in the runs and pools and things like that. So still lost of small fish being caught with the occasional big fish. I’m still doing real well with the dry dropper combos-they keeps you in close. Tight line nymphing of course, and always trying to get the big dog to chase on the streamers. Stay committed to the streamer game and you’ll probably end up pushing a big one around. It’s that time of year. I’ve seen about 4 big fish chase in the last 3 days. When I mean big, they are big.

Flows are perfect, it’s just a great time of year to fish the Truckee River. I do have some spots left for the Tight Line Clinic on October 7th. 


Tight Line Nymph Clinic,September 2nd, and October 7th. These are two separate clinics.

Call it what you like, tight line nymphing, euro nymphing, czech nymphing. Nymphing without the aid of strike indicators, keeping direct contact with your flies. It was developed and popularized regionally by the late Ted Fay on the Upper Sac here in Ca almost 70 years ago. Things are very different today than what Ted Fay did back then. Today’s version, and what I teach, is a culmination of all the techniques.

Tight line nymphing is a very productive and active way to fish, especially on the Truckee River with all the pocket water we have. Keeping your line tight, connecting you with your leader and flies- direct contact. Sliding your flies through the drift. Setting on slight hesitation of your leader, or feeling the grab entirely.

In this clinic, we will learn how to build a leader, what type of water to target, how to fish that water, equipment selection, and flies to use.

Leaders: We’ll set up straight level leaders, and tapered leaders, using mono and fluorocarbon. We will use sighters, tippet rings, etc. I will go through a few different tight line rigs and most importantly you will learn how to set up your own rigs; how to tie the correct knots, and how to use the proper connections. You will set up and tie your own rig.

Flies: I will show you the flies I like to use and why, and of course how to fish them. Weight will be built into the flies themselves. Bring your own nymphs too, and I will show you how to make them work.

Reading water: This is a very important part of the clinic and I will teach you how to read the water that summertime fish hold in. Pocket water. I will show you now to fish this pocket water. 

Equipment: Any 9 foot , 3-6 wt rod will do, but if you want to step it up in the tight line game, a 10 footer in a 4-5wt will be much better for what we are doing. A fast action 9 foot 5wt rod, (the most popular selling rod in the country) is not the best. You will limit your reach and you will not have sensitivity in the tip. There are many euro type rods to choose from these days. I willl have some long rods to use if you would like to see what I fish before you guy buy a new rod. Any floating fly line will work. I will show you how to balance a longer rod with the correct reel too.

Remember this is a class, not a guide trip, so sticking fish is not the objective, but we will fish and you may hook some. The cost for the clinic is $200 bucks. I will ask that you pay in advance to reserve your spot. You can pay by credit card via a phone call, or email. This will be on the California side (please remember to bring your license), and we will meet at 8:00 off the Hirschdale exit #194 down at the stop sign at the end of the off-ramp. We will all drive to our spot from there. The class will be 5 hours. This is a great clinic and you will learn a ton of information and it will change the way you fish the Truckee River.

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