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Four Seasons Fly Fishing Report

Courtesy of Four Seasons Fly Fishing
Four Seasons Fly Fishing
August 13, 2017 Last week’s thunderstorms and rain did wonders for the fishing.  Water temps were held down to nice fishable levels well into the afternoons.  Dry Fly action is still good both early and late.  Caddis and Mayflies are making up the bulk of the bugs and the Little Yellow Stones quickly fading away.  Streamer action has started to slow as well.  Although not as warm as the last few seasons we are approaching the “dog days of summer”.  Good time to explore the high country or visit the Smallmouth Bass at Prosser and Stampede.

Truckee River***  The flows in the town Truckee are at 234cfs and at Boca it is 526cfs.  Mid-day temps in Truckee are 66 degrees and below Boca only a few degrees cooler at 64.  Plenty of Caddis and several Mayflies out and about.  Sizes are starting to getting smaller.  The dry fly fishing has been good early and late.  Mid-day is starting to slow a bit. For Dries try Caddis 14-16, E/C Caddis 14/18, Stimulators 10-14, Madam X 10, Ants 10-14, Humpies 12-16, Green Drake 10, Green Drake Cripples 10, BWO’s 14-18, Little Yellow Stones 14, Rusty Spinner 14-18, and Midges 18-20. For nymphs Pats Rubber Legs 10, Poxyback Golden Stones 8-10, Little Yellow Stones 12-14, Copper Johns 10-16, Micro May 16-20, SJW’s, Pheasant tails 14-18,  Flashback PT’s 14-18, Haresears 12-16, Caddis Poopah 14-16, and Princes 10-16

Little Truckee River***  The flows on the LT are at 94cfs.  Water temp is good.  There are several species of Mayfly hatching throughout the day.  The PMD it seems is still the preferred meal.  Good presentation here is more important than the fly.  Going to a longer leader with finer tippet is going to help.  For Dries try Parachute Adams 12-20, BWO’s 16-20, PMD’s 14-16, Green Drakes 10, Green Drake Cripples 10, Quigley Cripples 14-18, Caddis 14-18, EC Caddis 14-18, Rusty Spinners 14-16, and Midges 16-22.  For nymphs try  Green Drakes 10, Rainbow Warrior 16-18, Copper Johns 14-20, Micro May 16-20, SJW’s, PMD 16-18, Midges 16-22, Pheasant tails 14-20,  Flashback PT’s 14-18, Haresears 14-18, and Princes 14-18.

Proser, Boca, and Stampede**  The smallmouth fishing is doing great but, the trout fishing has slowed at bit.  Look for these reservoirs to fish better for trout again in the fall after some cooler  weather comes in.  Going to need to go deep so, slow stripping on a sinking line or hanging some bugs under an indicator just off the bottom will be a good starting point.  These fish like trout flies no need to try something different.

Milton and N. Yuba **-*** Have not been to either spot for some time now.  Milton is probably its normally hard fishing .  The N. Yuba should been pretty good Dry Fly fishing early and late in the the day.  Getting pretty hot over there during the day.

I will be on a fishing trip from 8/13-8/22.  If your looking for guide service contact Jay Clark at 530-414-1655.

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