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Fly Fishing Report June 15, 2017 | Introduction to Fly Fishing Classes June 17 and 24

Written By Jim and Mike @ Reno Fly Shop

Truckee River and Tributaries

Flows on the Truckee River and its Tributaries are stabilizing and beginning to drop. Flows out of Tahoe are still 1500 cfs.


By the time the river makes it to downtown Reno it is at 2800 cfs. These flows should begin to steadily drop and begin to clear. Going up the river system you will see the clarity begin to improve and we are seeing water turning that perfect green color on the Nevada side down to Verdi. Though flows are high the river is fishing incredibly well. Look to inside bends of the river to form softer water that will be holding trout. Fishing bright flies and a size larger than normal will begin to produce fish for you. Don’t be afraid to use weight to get your flies down to the bottom.

We have been observing good mayfly hatches and have seen some fish rising to them on the California side. These rises are sporadic and not targetable, but a great sign of our rivers vitality after such an incredible winter.

We are stocking quite a few new patterns this summer and will have an entire selection of modern style nymphs in our fly bins and some great new patterns by local tyers. Come check these out.

Flies we suggest: Nemec Stone, Tungsten Duracell #14 and #12, Carot, G-String, Floss Worm, Dead Drift Crayfish, Sculpzilla; White and Natural, Jawbreaker White



Pyramid Lake

Action is really slowing down as temperatures continue to rise, and days get longer. Early morning can produce some fish but by noon the fish are down deep with the occasional fish venturing into the shallows to feed. Your best chance for fishing is within legal fishing hours (one hour before sunrise) till about noon. Floating line naked style or with an indicator and a balanced leech/chironomid combo has been working well as has sinning line and wooly buggers and boobies.

Flies that we suggest: Boobie; Northern Lights, Cat Whisker, Deep 6, Clouser Minnow, Balanced leech; Peacock, Olive, Midnight Cowboy, Chironomids Various Colors, UV Tease


Frenchmen’s Reservoir and Lake Davis

Frenchmen’s Reservoir has been more productive as of late with lucky fishermen experiencing ant “hatches” and eager fish rising to eat this food source. This has not been happening consistently, but when it is happening it is an incredible and fun way to target these trout.

Otherwise, leech patterns and other streamers have been producing well in the early and late hours of the day. With chironomid fishing naked style or with an indicator producing fish most of the day but is the most effective way to catch fish mid-day when the trout go deeper due to high sun.

Damsel flies have been working well in shallow areas that have a quick transition to deeper water. A float tube is a great tool for fishing these lakes, but fishermen from shore have been doing well too.

As summer finally gets going watch for the caddis and hexagenia to begin to show up late in the day. Both of these hatches can produce great emerger and dry fly action.

Flies that we suggest: Sheep Creek Special, Gee Leech; Olive, Peacock, Chartreuse, and Blood Purple, Black Ant #14 and #16, Black Mamba Ant, Yankee Buzzer, Chironocone, Damsel Nymph #12

Introduction to Fly Fishing Class

June 17th and 24th

Always checkout our events calendar at to find the updated class schedule.

During the month of June we have scheduled the 17th and the 24th for the Introduction to Fly Fishing Class.

This class is designed to have you learn and improve upon the basics. This is a great place for beginners to start and where even experienced anglers should spend some time every year. This is a half day (3-4 hour) class designed to cover all of the topics to get you on the water and ready for a great trout season on the Truckee River and beyond.

The class schedule follows the following topics,

  • gear/equipment,
  • casting,
  • knots and rigging
  • and stream side approach.

This class will begin in the Reno Fly Shop or a local park with stillwater or moving water available to finish out the class.

We will cover the basics of casting a fly rod to show beginners and seasoned anglers the best way to get the most out of each cast. We will show you all of the casts we use on our area waters. We will cover overhead casts, roll casts, and as time allows, single and double hauling.

Following the casting portion we will show you the knots needed to keep fishing and the best ways to rig your rod for the different styles of fly fishing our area waters. We will show you how to tie knots like; the clinch, triple surgeons, blood knot and the perfection loop. Some of the rigging you will improve on is the dry/dropper, indicator nymphing and European Style Nymphing.

Stream side approach is where we begin to put it all together. We will put on our waders (if needed), head down to the river and discuss fish habitat, fish behavior, bug behavior and will sample what bugs are in the water that evening. We will also cover the best way to stalk fish in the river, safety in and around the river as well as some basics on etiquette when there are other river users out there with us.

These classes are taught by our staff and guides. This class is limited to 4-6 students. If you have your own gear bring it. If not, we will provide everything. The cost of the class is $100. Please reserve your spot today this class fills up fast.

Let us help you enjoy a great summer fly fishing in our area.

Thanks for reading. Let us know what you think or if you have any additional questions. Swing by the shop or give us a call at 775-323-3474.

Jim and Mike

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