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Fly Fishing Report July 25, 2017

Courtesy of Four Seasons Fly Fishing

Dry Fly time!  The fish are looking up pretty much everywhere you would want to fish.  Dries and Dry Dropper rigs are key.  Water temps are moving up so follow the temps for best fishing.  It’s okay you can put the indicator rig down for awhile.  Now would be a good time to try Tenkara.

Truckee River *** The flows are 148cfs in town and 459cfs at Boca.  Water temps are currently coming up and hitting 64 degrees in the afternoon.  A cool down would be kinda nice.  The fish are looking up Caddis, Little Yellow Stones, and Bigger Stones are on the menu.  For Dries try Caddis 14-16, E/C Caddis 14/16, Stimulators 10-14, Madam X 10, Ants 10-14, Humpies 12-16, Green Drake 10, Green Drake Cripples 10, BWO’s 14-18, Little Yellow Stones 14, Rusty Spinner 14-16, and Midges 16-18. For nymphs Pats Rubber Legs 10, Poxyback Golden Stones 8-10, Little Yellow Stones 12-14, Copper Johns 10-16, Micro May 16-18, SJW’s, Pheasant tails 14-18,  Flashback PT’s 14-18, Haresears 12-16, Caddis Poopah 14-16, and Princes 10-16.

Little Truckee River **-***  The flows are at 108cfs today and and the water temps in the afternoon are hitting the mid 50’s.  PMD’s, Caddis, and Drakes are all the rage out here.  The angler hatch is pretty good as well expect to see others and be nice.  For Dries try Parachute Adams 12-16, BWO’s 14-18, PMD’s 14-16, Green Drakes 10, Green Drake Cripples 10, Quigley Cripples 14-16, Caddis 14-16, EC Caddis 14-16, Rusty Spinners 14-16, Little Yellow Stones 14, and Midges 16-20.  For nymphs try Little Yellow Stones 12-14, Green Drakes 10, Rainbow Warrior 16-18, Copper Johns 10-16, Micro May 16-18, SJW’s, PMD 16-18, Midges 16-20, Pheasant tails 14-18,  Flashback PT’s 14-18, Haresears 12-16, and Princes 10-16.

Prosser, Boca, Stampede**-*** The surface temps are starting to warm up and as a result fish are moving deeper into the water column.  For trout go early or late in the day.  When the trout quite eating then switch to Smallmouth Bass.  Smallmouth love trout flies and any that I mentioned for the Truckee River will work.  Indicator nymphing and sinking lines will get you down in the zone.  Early and late try a Stimulator on the surface.

Milton**  Slow and steady.  Fishing is good throughout the day.  Try different rigs to stay into the fish.  Fishing under the indicator has been pretty good.  Stripping nymphs or streamers on a sinking line has been good as well.   Change it upFor Dries try Ants 10-14, Grey Drakes 10, Mahogany Duns 14, Little Yellow Stones 14, Midges 16-20, and Callibeatis 14.  For Nymphs try Callibeatis 14, PT’s 12-14, Haresear 14-16, Copper Johns 14-16, Micro May 16-18,  and Zebra Midge 16-20.

N. Yuba ***  I have not been there yet but can only assume that it is on fire.  Little Yellow Stones, Caddis, Ants, and BWO’s should do the trick.  Grab the little rods and have some fun!

See you on the water,


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