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Fly and Field Outfitters Report


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By: FFO Crew

11/ 28/ 2017

Crooked River

Oh the beautiful Crooked River! It is always a pleasure to head out to the Crooked for a quick morning or afternoon fish.The flows have been in the 80’s for a few weeks now and the fishing has been consistent. The whitefish are in full spawn on the Crooked RIver! This means egg, egg, egg time! If you have been into the shop recently inquiring about the Crooked, we have probably been loading you up with a smattering of eggs and a few other bugs!

There has been a decent BWO hatch in the late morning through the early afternoon. Fish seemed to be keyed on the fish, feeding on a well presented dry fly! Fishing size 16-18 BWO patterns, Parachute Adams, and purple haze would be a good bet when you see fish splashing around on top!  However, it is mainly a nymphing game out there right now! Fish those eggs! If you are not getting fish on eggs, you may not be in a drift near the spawning whities. In these areas, fish sz 16-18 pheasant tails, sz 20-22 zebra midges, sz 20-22 winkers midges, and sz 18-20 two bit hookers (black or red)

Fall River

The Fall River has continued to fish well! Remember, with regulation changes last year, we are able to fish below the falls year round. This time of year can make for some adventuring below the falls, looking for fish that may have pushed up from the Deschutes. You can spend some time hoofin it around, finding fish here and there. Just keep off the private party! You’ll know when you get to it.

Anyway, as far as tactics and how to get those fish to eat… keep an eye out in the late morning into the early afternoon for a decent blue winged olive hatch as well as midges coming off here and there. The fish are actively feeding on top that this time. Fishing with a size 16-18 BWO cripple, BWO extended body, Parachute Adams, or purple haze are a good go to for feeding the fish while they are actively eating. If you are getting refusals, do not get frustrated! Try tying on a little dropper off the dry and see if they will commit to the dropper. We have been fishing size 16-18 copper johns (red or copper), sz 20-22 midges (tailwater, olive, black), and sz 18 prince nymphs.

If you want to focus only on nymphing, use the same flies that we recommend for droppers above. Additionally, you can fish sz 18-20 two bit hookers (red or black) or egg patterns!

Last Licks at the Lower Deschutes “Day Stretch”

By: Griff Marshall

This is a magical time on the upper 10 miles of the Lower Deschutes. As sad as we are to see another season coming to a close, there is always a flurry of activity down there as late-fall leans into winter. There are chinook salmon now on their redds and the whitefish are beginning their spawn too. This means that there is a lot of egg protein floating around. Every fish in the river keys in on this and gobbles anything looking “eggy”. We’ve had some amazing days recently fishing a variety of “Steak and Eggs” (stonefly with some version of a glo-bug behind it).

Everything from fat Redbands to obscene whitefish to massive Butterbellies to the occasional steelhead has fallen for the rig the last couple passes through the “Day Stretch”

So not much trickery in the fly selection process down there right now. We’ve also hooked all the above mentioned flies on smaller nymph rigs. The traditional Prince in a #18, Rubber Leg Hare’s Ear in #16&18, small black Jimmy Legs, #18 Olive Soft Hackle.

keep an eye on the flows. We recently saw a spike up to 6200cfs, which, while still fishable, is an awful lot of water to wade in. Anything around 5000cfs is perfect.

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