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Fishing The Overton Arm

Courtesy of
Moapa Valley Progress


There is a lot going on up on the north end of Lake Mead. The reports of catching stripers north of Marker 18, keep pouring in.
Some are using crank bait and catching almost as many as those using anchovies.

Carolyn and Lloyd said it was crazy last Saturday. She said Lloyd kept her so busy baiting hooks, to the point that they finally ran out of bait.

Stan and Pat lost track of the count last Friday. This week, Bud, Walt & Junior caught 27 on crank bait.
On December 9, Lamar, Bryce and Steve, took a lesson from Bill Blake. They added a slide sinker to their trolling rigs, to try and catch up with him. Bill caught 12 of the 19 fish, while trolling with anchovies near Sand Island.

Shannon Bailey and husband Brent, took a lesson from Dan last week, catching some nice striper. Shannon sent this photo of last weeks catch, with her husband Brent holding her biggest catch of the day. They were back out again Saturday and caught 30 Striper near Sand Island.
She said her brother-in-law Dan is the man. He really nailed them Saturday. Shannon is the new girl on the block and hooked on fishing.

Myron came by last week and showed me his invention, which is quite the tool for helping tie knots fast. It’s called “TACKLE TIER”, and can be seen on the internet as “MSK Enterprises”. I showed the device to Bryce Bell which gave him some ideas about using a similar device to tie knots on treble hooks.

Bryce said he enjoys being the outfitter on his new pontoon boat. I was telling Bryce that a piece of cardboard the same length as the filet board, works great on the cleaning table in the boat. The cardboard surface absorbs and grips the fish. It is disposable.
John uses Plexiglas to filet the fish in his boat.

You fisherman might try a piece of cardboard at the fish cleaning station. It really works great. I have used cardboard on the tailgait of my truck when cleaning and fileting fish.
Elwin Brown got out on the lake Friday night, after dark, for some night fishing on the south wall of Echo Bay. They caught 8 nice 18 inch Striper using anchovies, “still fishing”.

I ran into Paul Bernardo the other day. We shared a few stories about fishing this summer. He said he and Lanny Waite had some good fishing in November, jigging for striper in 80 feet of water. His favorite lure for jigging is the “Dart”. Mine too.

Well, send in your photo’s and “keep your lines in the water, the waters of life”.

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