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Fish still moving through Sacramento metro area

Published: Nov 15, 2017
SACRAMENTO — Many anglers in the Sacramento metro area have given up on salmon fishing for the year, but those still trolling below the mouth of the American River are still finding some nice kings.

Guide James Netzel of Tight Lines Guide Service said he is now catching a mix of fall kings and the bright, hard-fighting late-fall kings.

“We are still catching salmon,” Netzel said. “We are at the end of the fall run. A few of the fall runs are trickling in, and we are starting to see the late-fall fish. When you catch one of the late-fall ones, they are just absolutely gorgeous.”

Netzel said trolling between Miller Park and Garcia Bend continues to be the best bet. “We are doing better around Garcia Bend than Miller,” he said.

Trolling Pro Troll flashers with Brad’s plug-cut lures is working best. Netzel is adding canned tuna to the plug-cut lures. Anglers running plugs or spinners are not reporting as many kings as the flasher and plug-cut combination is producing.

The late-fall kings move upstream a lot faster than the fall-run fish, so Netzel said it is vital anglers run back upstream after catching one to stay ahead of the school. He often will run two miles above the area where he hooked up to intercept the school of fish again, he said.

“The late-fall fish swim faster than fall runs, so you have to go two or three times further upriver to stay ahead of them,” he said.

Last week’s rain had little impact on the fishing, as the river did not rise or turn muddy. “We really need an inch or two inches to do anything,” Netzel said. “We haven’t had any real rain yet this fall.”

Pressure has been light, with less than a dozen boats between Miller Park and Garcia Bend on most days.

Tim Boggs of Elkhorn Outdoor Sports said salmon fishing has been slow in the Verona area.

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