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First glimmer of trout season flashes at Jess Lakes Ranch

WON Staff Writer
Published: Oct 06, 2017
APPLE VALLEY — Jess Lakes Ranch is a legitimate year-round trout fishery, but that doesn’t make it immune to bite-squashing high temps of summer. With the last heat waves of summer now in the rear-view mirror, rainbows are already starting to snap at the Ranch.

JESS LAKES RANCH erupted with what is likely the first hot trout fishing of the fall. Here, Samantha Richardson of Long Beach shows of part of her limit she put together on Mice Tails and B. Line worms.


“We got there at 7 a.m. and only four people were in line,” said Long Beach angler Rich Richardson. “We got the spot behind the Snack Bar where guys next to us were slamming them on rainbow PowerBait, but we stuck to our guns with pink and white Mice Tails and B. Line Worms, and it started to go off.”

He was fishing with his daughter, Sam “Slaymantha” Richardson, who popped four in quick succession, and dad caught up using chartreuse PowerBait dipped in Bite-On garlic.

“We limited by 10 a.m., left for lunch, and Sam still wanted to fish so we came back and hit the lake in front of the office for five more between 12:30 and 2:30,” added Richardson. He also said PowerBait “rolled small” on a “barely covered hook” is an angler’s best bet, especially for the bigger fish.

This is the best trout fishing Jess Ranch has had in months, but a decent catfish pick has been flying under the radar all summer. Ranch regular Ed Correia of Apple Valley has been taking advantage of that situation, and he recently fished the Big Lake with cut mackerel with Bite-On garlic for a cats tipping the scale at 6-13 and 4-9. There are some big ones in there, and Correia has several well into double-digits under his belt in 2017.

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