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Feather River salmon shows no sign of slowing down

WON Staff Writer
Published: Sep 28, 2017
YUBA CITY — Salmon anglers fishing the Outlet Hole on the Feather River continued to catch limits last week, and say they expect the hot action to continue until the Oct. 15 closure.

“It’s still going good,” said guide Robert Weese of Northern California Guide Service. “I’m doing two trips a day and getting limits on both. Big numbers. It is still going strong. We are also getting some bigger fish.”

SIX FOR THREE — Ernie Maumaski of Sacramento, Larry Reynolds of Biggs, and Samuel Crista of Sacramento used salmon roe while fishing with Robert Weese of Northern California Guide Service for limits of kings from 12 to 28 pounds while fishing the Feather River.


Last week, Weese guided Mark Jones of Monterey to a 34-pounder at the Outlet Hole, while Mike Gaines of Napa caught a 32-pounder with Weese. Both kings were taken on roe.

Weese said 90-percent of the salmon are still chrome bright. The others have a little color, but are cutting bright red fillets.

Guide Dave Jacobs confirmed the good reports from the Feather.

“The salmon fishing on the Feather River has been very good this month in and around the Outlet Hole near Oroville,” Jacobs said. “Limit-style fishing is happening now for most anglers drifting roe and Puffball combinations, or back-trolling sardine-wrapped plugs. More salmon are coming in over 20 pounds this week with several salmon weighing in over 30 pounds. New king salmon appear to be showing every day in the upper stretch of the Feather River. The great fishing should continue through mid-October.”

Robert McKinnon of the Bay Area caught a 28-pound king last week with Jacobs at the Outlet Hole.

Salmon also are being caught downstream of the Outlet toward Gridley on sardine-wrapped FlatFish as well as back-bounced roe. Anglers are reporting a fish per rod downriver. Anglers also are reporting steelhead between 2 and 5 pounds while drifting beads or egg patterns in the Low Flow section.

Tim Boggs of Elkhorn Outdoor Sports said he heard of an 18-pound striper last week on the Feather caught on a minnow.


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