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By: Kyle Schenk

11/ 07/ 2017

Fall River Update

Thankfully, there are still some fish hanging out in the Fall! We love that and we love getting out there to trick those fish into eating our flies. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky but if you are persistent, you can get into them! If you are getting fish to chase/follow your flies but are not committing, try to taper down your tippets. Fishing 6x fluorocarbon or powerflex  plus.  Powerflex plus is great because it has a small taper but is 20% stronger than other materials.

Anyway, the BWO hatch has been pretty consistent, coming off in the afternoons. You should see some midges coming off in the morning and again when the BWOs are coming off. The fish have been looking up during the hatches and are willing to take flies. We recommend fishing size 18-20 BWO extended bodies, BWO cripples, BWO hackle stackers, size 18-20 parachute adams and purple haze.

Another fun way of getting into the fish on the Fall is fishing streamers or other flies that you can bounce off the bottom. Be this an egg or a wooly bugger with a split shot or two helping the fly get down. They will eat it off the bottom! Can be good when the fishing gets tough.

Go get it!

Metolius River Update

WIth some seasonal closures going on over the past week, keep in mind that sections the Metolius are included in that! Remember, the Met is now closed from the Headwaters to Allingham Bridge. Fishing from below Allingham Bridge and downstream is fair game!

The fishing on the Metolius has been quite good! The nymphing has been great throughout the river system. We recommend fishing subsurface until the BWOs come off in the afternoon. If you are targeting rainbow trout, fishing with a double nymph rig is recommended. Remember, you have to get down and deep quickly. Utilize split shot on your double nymph rig if you are having trouble getting the flies down in the fishes face. Our go-to nymphs have been october caddis pupa, sz 18-20 two-bit hookers (red or black), small eggs, stone fly nymphs and sz 18-22 zebra midges (black, red, or purple).

If you are going for bull trout, we recommend sink tips and heavy, big flies! Get them down quick and into their faces.

Low Flows and Blue Winged Olives!

Over the last few weeks, the Crooked River has been dropping down into the winter flow stages. This has been great for the bug activity! Especially on a nice, warm fall day. With the right weather and conditions, the blue-winged olive hatch can be pretty great. Coming off several times throughout the day, normally in the late morning and early afternoon. The river is currently at about 90 cfs.  Even if you do not see the BWOs coming off, consider tying on a size 16-18 purple haze, parachute adams, bwo extended body or bwo hackle stacker. Fish seem to be taking flies off the surface throughout the day, even if there is no active hatch.

If the dry fly bite shuts off completely, focus your efforts on nymphing. We have been fishing 5x or 6x fluorocarbon tippet at all times while nymphing. Normally 5x to your lead fly and 6x to your dropper. We have been getting fish on pink or orange eggs, sz 16-20 two-bit hookers (red or black), sz 18-22 zebra midges (black, olive, or purple), and your classic pheasant tails (sz 14-18)

Give us a call at the shop if you have any questions!

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