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Fall River Fishing Report

kiene's american river fly fishinf report


Updated - 7/12/17

Current River Conditions: Flows are normal and water is very clear and  a little high.

PMDs, Baetis and Caddis are hatching right with PMDs the most prolific bug now, so downstream drifts with cripple patterns will get you the most fish though parachute adult patterns work OK.

Try twitching the fly at the end of the drift. Don't bother with dry flies unless you see rising fish.

Down below, swinging an olive leach pattern such as a Hale Bopp or a Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle resembling a PMD or a Callebaetis emerger attached to a sink tip to get you the biggest fish.

The Hex hatch is happening but is near the end.   Fishermen catch more fish with cripple patterns than adults.

The Fall River is only accessible by watercraft and  requires that you use somesome specialized techniques, so we recommend that you fish it with a guide the first time.  Call Kiene's we will hook you up with one of our guides.

Recomended Patterns

Parachute PMD/yellow #16 & #18, Green Drake #12 Humpy/yellow #14 & #16, Elk Hair Caddis #16, #18.  Quigley Cripple/gray #18

Recomended Patterns

Pheasant Tail #12, #14 & #16, San Juan Worm/passionate pink, Copper John/red or copper #14, #16, Prince Nymph (various sizes), Wooly Bugger/olive,  Zebra Midge/black, brown, red, Fox's Poopah #16 & #18, Hale Bop Olive #8.

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