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El Capitan Reservoir & San Vicente Reservoir Fish Report

November 10, 2017
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San Vicente Reservoir

Bait fish are on the surface at San Vicente right now and bass are busting on them. If you’re at the right place at the right time you will be able to capitalize with flukes, topwater baits and other shad imitators.

You can also target these schooling bass by slow-rolling an underspin like the Coolbaits under the busting fish or once they stop busting.

The water is really clear, so don’t forget to downsize your line to maximize your bites! Contact me to book a trip if you want to get on this fun fall action!

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El Capitan Reservoir

Fall is beginning to kick in, the cooler nights have brought the surface temperature down to about 65° and the bait seems to be moving out already.


Right now you can use your electronics to locate bait with bass around it. Once you find them you can get em to bite on spoons.

There are also other fish to be caught in 15-25 feet of water using Senkos and dropshotted Roboworms in the MM3 color.

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