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Ebbetts Pass Fish Report

Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods
Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods
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Is Ebbetts Pass Open?

Ebbetts Pass is now CLOSED, September 20, 2017. This is a temporary closure due to snow. The road is closed from near Lake Alpine to Highway 89.

For the latest road conditons and closures, check with Caltrans.

Call 1-800.427.7623 or visit Department of Transportation - Road Conditions.

Spicer Reservoir Road is now Open

Notice from Forest Service: June 28, 2017 - "Spicer, Slick Rock and McKays roads are now open to visitors wishing to travel on them. . . . the Forest Service was able to open the following campgrounds: Spicer, Spicer Group Camp, Union East, Union West, Rocky Point, Sandy Flat and Stanislaus River."

Ebbetts Pass usually remains open until the first heavy snowfall of the winter. On the west side of the pass the road closure is ½ mile east of the Highway 207 (Bear Valley Mt. Ski Area) junction, about ½ mile before Lake Alpine. On the east side of the pass Highway 4 closes at its junction with Highway 89 at the foot of Monitor Pass. Often the winter closure occurs sometime in late November or early December, but snow can temporarily close the pass at any time.

Traditionally the pass re-opens in mid-May, but once again, even after it opens late season storms can cause it to close again. See the winter closing and spring opening dates for Ebbetts Pass in past years below.

Conditions, catches, and recent trout plants

Welcome to Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods report on fishing and what's working at all your favorite spots along the Highway 4 corridor.

 September 20, 2017

Fall is now in full swing and fall fishing has begun. Cooler temperatures and beautiful days make for a great outing.

Ebbetts Pass is now open. Come and check out one of only six designated scenic highways in our state. It is on of the most beautiful rides you will take. Bring your rod and reel and fishing gear and don't forget your camera as the fall colors of our Highway 4 corridor is about to begin. Don't miss out on this beautiful color display provided by mother nature.

If you are traveling over our Ebbetts Pass stop by and fish the beautiful East Fork Of The Carson River. The Alpine County Fish and Game Commission have been planting an abundance of trout along with trophy size fish. Fishing has been red hot.

While on The Ebbetts Pass corridor take a trip to our beautiful Highland Lakes and escape the hustle of the city life. The turn off is just before Ebbetts Pass and well marked on Highway 4. Bring your rod and reel for some fun fishing for the Brook Trout.

Spicer Reservoir has been dropping these past two weeks and the water level is now below the concrete ramp. Launching a big boat will be difficult if not impossible.

Our beautiful Lake Alpine has been fishing good due to recent trout plants. The Alpine County Fish And Game Commission planted 1,800 pounds of trout in Lake Alpine with another 1800 pounds to be planted. Fishing should be good for some time to come. Stop by Mosquito Lakes and toss a line. These are two beautiful lakes located right on Highway 4 just past Lake Alpine.

White Pines has been tough as we have had some hot weather. Blagen Road is closed just past the park due to a washout, the new bridge construction has started but no time table as of yet when the road will be open You can still access all of White Pines Lake by walking around on the trails. The North Fork Of The Stanislaus has fished better as the river has went down considerably in the past two weeks and was planted the week of 8/29/2017. Try fly fishing. It is a fun and challenging way to fish. Our customers who fly fish have been catching some beautiful fish. Stop by and see us for more information regarding fly fishing in our area and use one our local guides to help you.

Deer season for D 3-5 opens this upcoming weekend Saturday September 23. Good luck to all of you hunters.

Plan to purchase your fishing license ahead of time. We are the only retailer on the Highway 4 corridor that sell them and never know when our machine could go down.

Stop by Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods for all of your outdoor and fishing needs. Let Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods be your one stop shop for everything from camping, freshwater fishing, and fly fishing.   We carry a broad line of fly fishing products including rods, reels, and waders from Redington, St. Croix rods, extensive fly assortment,  and everything you need for your trout fishing experience. We now carry Buff UV multifunctional headwear for protection against damage from extended sun exposure. We also stock a wide range of Hi Tech Footwear, and along with our new footwear,  Cobian Footwear. We also stock Suncloud Polarized Sunglasses, along with a wide array of various brand sunglasses. Check out our huge selection of Berkley Power Bait and a wide selection of trout and bass lures. We carry Daiwa rods and reels along with other major brands.

For more local information go to our front page and click on the Fishing Resources. Then click on the Take Me Fishing tab. Then click on the map and in the address tab type in 925 Hwy 4 Arnold CA 95223. The map will show White Pines Lake. From here you can move the map up the Highway to all fishing locations. For rigging information and knots click on the fishing tab and under the learn tab go to to the learn to fish and click on that tab. This will show various ways to tie knots and how to set up rigs for any kind of fishing. Click on the tab, How To Fly Fish section. There is great deal of information on this page with instruction included with video.  Feel free to contact us any time.


Quote Of The Week:If you instill in your child a love of the outdoors and an appreciation of nature, you will have given him or her a treasure no one can take away

By: Ted Trueblood

WHITE PINES: Bait fishermen should try using Berkley Garlic scented Power Bait, Garlic scented Eggs, Mice Tails, Gulp Eggs, Corn scented Power Bait, and nightcrawlers using a sliding sinker rig. Be sure to use any of the assorted scents we carry to enhance your fishing experience. Lure fishermen should try Kastmasters, Panther Martin spinners, Rooster Tails, and Thomas Buoyant. Fly fishermen should try using sparrow nymphs, woolly buggers, adams, blue wing olive, nymphs, and ants. You can also fish for bluegilss with your child. They are fun and easy to catch and a great way to start your child fishing. Stop by and see us to help you and your child get started.

LAKE ALPINE:  Bait casters should try Berkley Garlic Power Bait, Garlic Eggs, Gulp Eggs, Mice Tails, Berkley Salon Eggs Peach Power Bait, Grape Nymph, Salmon Eggs Scent Red Power Bait using a sliding sinker rig or a cast-a-bubble rig. You can also float a nightcrawler using a worm blower or use a scented marshmallow or Berkley Power Egg. Lure casters should try Kastmasters, Rooster Tails, Panther Martin's, Thomas Buoyants, Jakes Lures. Fly fishermen should try woolly buggers, sparrow nymphs and bead head nymphs, mayflies,and ants.

SPICER RES.: Lake has been dropping and now below the ramp and difficult to launch.  The weather has been very warm but as of late the weather has cooled significantly and fishing should improve. Trollers should try using wedding rings, needlefish, phoebe, and cripplures behind your favorite dodger tipped with either a nightcrawler, Berkley Gulp Nightcrawlers. Don't forget to use scent to enhance your trolling rig. Bait casters should try Berkley Garlic Eggs, Berkley Mice Tails, Berkley Garlic Power Bait, Salmon Peach, Grape Nymph Power Bait, and nightcrawlers using a sliding sinker rig. Lure casters should try Panther Martin's, Rooster Tails, and Kastmasters. Fly fishermen should try  sparrow nymphs, woolly buggers, adams, caddis, bead head nymphs, midge flies and ants.

NORTH FORK OF THE STANISLAUS: Was planted week of 8/29/2017.   Water levels have dropped considerably and a lot easier to fish. Lure fishermen should try Panther Martin Spinners, Rooster Tails, Kastmasters, Vibrax Bullet Fly spinners, and Mepps. Bait fishermen should try Salmon Eggs, night crawlers, Mice Tails,  and Garlic Power Bait using a split shot rig. Fly fishermen should try big streamers, woolly buggers, hoppers, adams, spinner flies, caddis, and bead head nymphs.


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