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Eastern Sierra - Truckee

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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report
Pretty good solid fishing on the Truckee River.
Flows have stayed pretty steady this week at just under 500 cubes here in the Hirsch. Good average summertime flows. These fish are back in all their summertime holding spots.
Trouts have moved into last oxygenated water. It is hot out and trout need cool water. The cool water is in the fast stuff. Yes, you will need to be able to wade through it. If you can’t, you’re success will be limited. The Truckee River is a slippery freestone river. Not the small pebbles you waded around on like when you went to Montana that one time and got on a drift boat. Sure you probably crushed them, and on dries too. We have about 300 fish per mile. The Missouri for instance has upwards to 8,000. You have to work for these fish here. Use a wading staff if you’re not a strong wader. Felt is better than rubber. If you do get rubber bottom wading boots, get Simms. The other brands all suck. Wear waders, not shorts. Be prepared and you will have a better time. You can wear sandals and shorts out on the Little Truckee, but not a good idea here.
So the fishing is good, if you can get in and get to them. If you can read fast summertime water, you can actually rack up some good number days, with an occasional good fish here and there. Truckee River trouts in summer eat crayfish, stones, and caddis. They feed predominantly sub-surface. They may pop up once in a while and eat a dry during the day, but mainly these trout eat below.
Truckee River Fishing Report

Hot is the word here in Tahoe/Truckee/Reno on the Truckee River. 

Nice in the mornings, hot as hell in the afternoons. They will set a record for consecutive days over 90 in Reno this summer. Thankfully, we have water in the river this summer or they’d been nuked already.

I have done a little guiding in NV-Reno, on the Truckee River. The future looks bright for the river down there. Lots and lots of small wild rainbows. Not a lot of big fish left after the drought, but some. You are pretty much chasing unicorns down there. If you do get lucky to get one, it will be a monsta. Take a look at my friend Ryan’s brown from this weekend. We’ve touched a few monsta’s ourselves, but landing them ain’t easy. The river is regaining her health down there once again. I will be floating the Nature Conservancy East of Sparks this fall and winter again too. Kinda excited to get back in some old stomping grounds. I really do love the Nevada side of the river.

Up here in Hirschdale, it’s business as usual. Pocket water stuff, tight line nymphing. We had a successful clinic this weekend. Please look for a few more very soon. Crays, caddis, stones, being the name of the game. Fish the fast stuff and you can get some fish. The glassy runs and frog water ain’t worth your time. Hopefully we can get some cooler weather soon. This heat is hard on an old man like me.

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