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Eastern Sierra


Written by Jim Reid

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Bridgeport Reservoir Fish Report

Bridgeport is still fishing excellent with lots of nice fish up to almost 6 pounds being caught. The trolling is still excellent with rapalas, needlefish, crawlers, thomas bouyants and tazmanian devils. There are a lot of smaller fish being caught as well but there are quite a few 2 to 6 pounders in the mix. Bait anglers are using mice tails, pinched crawlers, powerbait and crawlers over near Rainbow Point and up in Buckeye Bay. The reservoir is very full and the water quality is good.  We haven’t had much news from fly anglers so far but you should be able to bag some fish up in the channels either stripping streamers or stillwater nymphing. The shore fishing isn’t as good as fishing from boats but they’re still getting into some nice fish here and there, the weather has been great so it’s not a bad plan to hang out on the shore and enjoy the scenery!

Hunewill Pond Fish Report

The pond has been a little tough this week, most anglers are reporting 1 to 5 fish per half day. The fish being caught are very nice and feisty but they’re not on the bite like a few weeks ago. There seems to be a lot of food being washed in from run-off and irrigation water right now and the fish seem to be pretty well fed. This of course could change any day as the damsels and callibaetis start to hatch more and the fish start keying on different bugs. We’ll keep you posted as to how things develop.

Kirman Lake Fish Report

We haven’t had any good reports from Kirman this week, there’s been a few anglers going back there but with no success, at least from what we’ve heard. On a more positive note, Roosevelt, Lane and Secret have been fishing pretty well up in that same drainage so there is still some opportunity for some good fishing in that area.

Sceirine Ranch Fish Report

We haven’t had anyone on the ranch this week but when the flows start to come down we expect the fishing to be excellent down there!

Twin Lakes Fish Report

The Twins have been a little rocky lately but they’re still getting into some nice fish up to nearly 6 pounds. The lakes are at max capacity and the fish seem to be scattered a bit so it’s good to move around, change your baits often, try different depths both up from the bottom and down from the top. The successful anglers we’ve been talking to have been using powerbait, mice tails, pinched crawlers and night crawlers, also throwing Thomas bouyants and rapalas in the mornings and evenings. Trolling with rapalas, bouyants and speedy shiners has also been producing some nice fish. Fly anglers have been doing well stripping streamers with nymph droppers, wooly buggers, Twin Lakes Specials, seal buggers, soft hackles zug bugs and prince nymphs have all been producing. 

Virginia Lakes River Fish Report

The Virginias and Trumbull are starting to pick up pretty well both for spin fishing and fly fishing. Lure anglers are using thomas bouyants, panther martins and rooster tails, bait anglers are going with pinched crawlers, mice tails and power bait. Fly anglers are doing some stillwater nymphing as well as stripping streamers and leech patterns. Patterns to try include: matukas, seal buggers, twin lakes specials, soft hackles, ap emergers, pheasant tails, hare’s ears and zug bugs. 

East Walker River Fish Report

The East is running about 1380 cfs right now, it was at a whopping 1530 for a couple days this week which I understand is wide open. We haven’t talked to anyone who’s tried to fish it at this flow, unfortunately it’s really raging and extremely difficult to fish like this. Hopefully the run-off will start to subside soon and the flows will come down. When they get down below 600 or 500 cfs the fishing should be great!

West Walker River Fish Report

The West is running extremely high and muddy with all the run-off. We do seem to get a report here and there by some anglers who are having some success with bait or spinners, they’re focusing on the softer water around the bends or behind structure. Be very careful up there as the current is very fast, wading is probably not recommended at this time.

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