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Del Valle Fishing Report

Del Valle Fishing Report

Del Valle Marina
 (510) 544-3146

The weather our here at Lake Del Valle has been beautiful for this time of year. Early mornings in the low 40s with temperatures rising up into the low to mid 70s mid¬day. The hot bite this week has been trout with many anglers having success. 

For trout, most anglers like to use either power bait or power eggs. I would also recommend using either night crawlers or small spinners. Make sure your fishing shallow sand flats and If your fishing from boat make sure you keep moving if you're not getting any bites. 

Catfish are going to be in deeper water I'd say about 20-25 feet deep. Best baits to use would be either anchovies or mackerel. I would also recommend using night crawlers. 

I have had a few anglers tell me they've hook into some decent sized stripers in the 6-9 lb. range recently with the water rising a little the stripers might start becoming active again. 

I apologize for not having any pictures this week our camera wont focus right now every picture is blurry. 
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