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Dana, Davies shake off big blow

WON Staff Writer
Published: Sep 27, 2017
DANA POINT — After a mighty fine start to the week, a surprise round of wind rolled in from the north Wednesday and Thursday. When it had passed, the main warm-water blob was still intact, 10 to 50 miles out, but its vulnerable inner and outer edges paid the price.

This week's mild Santa Ana conditions will reveal warm water resilience or not, but in the meantime, the overnight boats Fury and Thunderbird relied on San Clemente Island fishing. The yellowtail bite held up fairly well, providing big game action, no need to run for the squid strip rigs.


OKUMA'S OWN John Bretza was aboard the Fury this week and got into some of that epic yellowtail fishing over at SCI.

Along the coastline, WON source Capt. Brian Woolley said a load of 4- and 5-inch live sardines kept the coastal action hopping. Plus, the sheephead crew kept it going by using secret shrimp baits for the bigger goats.

Bonito also appreciated the tasty tidbit-sized 'dines. On Dana Wharf's 3/4-day trips, there was time to dip deep with double droppers and 'dines for some nice boc and red rockfish.

Bass highlights along the beach included the Clemente's Sunday afternoon half-day, with 100 calico released and 22 kept, with a half-dozen keeper sandies.

"Over at Cat a couple days this week, the bonito and bass fishing was fair. Had some shots at the bigger-grade yellowtail with some fish caught Friday in the 25- to 30-pound range. Sonar schools," said Woolley.

Sunday's overnighter aboard the Fury with 22 fishers resulted in 15 yellows caught, a bluefin and 22 calico, plus a few bottom biters.

Over at Davey's Locker, the Thunderbird crew posted having tried hard for those bluefin tuna just off SCI, but not finding much in a 4-hour effort Saturday, then heading to the island for yellows. Sunday they carried only 12 anglers and put on 18 good-grade yellows, and pulled a decent bluefin while fishing on anchor at the island.

Yellowtail were a little more sparse at Catalina Island after the wind, but a mix of bass and bottom stuff helped out. This week's warmer weather will help out.

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