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Colorado River: Local angler nabs personal best-striper, and doubles it two days later

Published: Jan 05, 2018
BULLHEAD CITY, Ariz. — The term “personal best” (or, P.B. for short) comes up a lot in the fishing world when a milestone weight or length of a particular species is bagged. It’s always notable, and an angler can ratchet it up a notch when a personal best is bested soon after, but when a new P.B. is twice the size as the one caught a couple days ago, well that’s just something you’ll talk about forever.

BULLHEAD CITY ANGLER George Terro caught a 14.08-pound striper out of the Colorado River on Christmas Eve that stood as a personal best. That’s “stood” because he beat it by more than double with this 31-pound, 15-ounce beast caught two days later.

George Terro a well-known outdoorsman who focuses on fishing on hunting in the aread around his hometown, Bullhead City, Ariz. He puts a lot of time on the water both in Lake Mohave as well as the Colorado River below Davis Dam, and that’s where he made what is likely his top fishing accomplishment to date.

Following his family’s Christmas Eve celebration, Terro headed out to a spot on the River near Rotary Park and stuck his personal best striper at 14.08 pounds under the cover of darkness. Two nights later, he stuck the fish of a lifetime; a monster 31-pound, 15-ounce striped bass that was 42 inches long, fought for 15 minutes and not only ran Terro down the bank during the scrum, but he had to jump into the drink to close the deal. This is an area of the Colorado River that is regularly receiving trout plants.

“I was bouncing a Huddleston swimbait with a slow retrieve along the bottom,” Terro told Western Outdoor News. “I had to walk through the river while fighting the fish, and when I finally got to it, it popped up as I bent down to grab it. As it was slowly swimming away, I jumped in after it and grabbed it.”

Lost in the shuffle is the fact that he was having a great run on striped bass in this area before his pair of heavy hitters, as Terro landed a 13 pounder and a pair of 12-pound models before he even got to the 14. As for his gear, Terro was employing a Daiwa Lexa 300 loaded with 25-pound P-Line CXX paired with a Daiwa 8-foot extra-heavy DX Swimbait rod. Along with the Hudd, he caught several other fish on a Baitsanity swimbait.

You can see video of both personal-best catches as well as a collection of Terro’s other outdoor adventures on his YouTube channel called, “Mr-Flip” located at

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