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Collins Lake Report



by Shelly Groce

Looking back on the last month of year!

The winter has been actually sunny for the month of December, so we had alot more people here fishing then as normal. Here is the month of December, the fish pictures with how they did. Enjoy!!  January 2018 has started raining so next report we will show the die hard fishermen/women out doing what they do best!!


        Dale of Forbsetown caught a 5 1/2 lb trout using green powerbait down by the dam.  Jim Fleenor of Brownsville caught a 4 1/4 lb trout using orange powerbait with white powereggs down by the watersedge group area.  David Finme caught a nice big 6 1/4 lb trout using green powerbait by the beach.  Bruce Miller caught a 5 1/2 lb trout using kastmaster lure trolling in the middle of lake. Rob and Don caught 4 trout  using powerbait  near the watersedge.  Doug Tenbrook of Orland caught a 3 1/4 lb and 2 lb trout using firetiger Rapala down by the marina.  Leslie Seid of Livermore caught a 4 lb trout by the dam using white/green eggs.  Frank Vasquez caught 4 trout using yellow/orange powerbait down by the group areas.  David Pokrant limit out on trout using powerbait down by the dam.  joe Ramos caught a 4 3/4 lb trout off shore by the marina using powerbait.  Jacob of Oroville caught a 1 1/4 lb trout off shoreline by the dam using worms.  Don Purdy of yuba city limited out on trout using green powerbait by the group campsites.  Cody Reed of Paradise caught 4 trout by the boat launch using needlefish.  Jayden Avila from Florida caught a catfish  using worms.  April Lovings of Rocklin caught 2 trout using wedding ring lure in the middle of lake.  Craig Barrick of Oroville caught a nice big 7.9 lb trout using Rapala lures down by the dam.  Amy of Yuba City caught a 2 lb. trout using a rainbow flashers down by the dam. 

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