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Collins Lake Report



Fall Fishing is doing great!

December 6th, 2017 by Shelly Groce

Fall fishing is doing great!  The weather will be nice for the next week so come on out and try it out!!  We will start up the planting program the middle of Jan 2018. 

The first day of december we had Dell Parker of Lincoln who caught 4 lb 12oz. trout using worms down by the beach.  Logan Hoock and Nate Unger of Tracy caught 4 nice trout by the dam using yellow garlic powerbait and worms.  Isaac Ferkin of Fair Oaks caught 2 trout off the beach with orange powerbait.  Greg Lyon and Chris Rygh of Vacaville caught 2 limits of trout trolling in the middle of the lake with needle fish lures.  Charlie Moore of Yuba City caught a limit of trout, one was 5 lb trout using orange powerbait by the beach. Erika, Jason & Grandpa Vic of Lincoln caught a 6 1/2 lb trout by the powerlines using wedding rings 8 feet down.  Gary Edmondson of Auburn caught a 6 lb. trout trolling with Rapala lures.  David Pokrant of Rooseville caught 5 trout using powerbait.  Ed Underwood of Rooseville caught a nice big 6.8 lb. trout by the beach using powerbait.  

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