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Collins Lake Report



We survived the Cascade fires!!


We have already had 4,800.00 lbs of trout planted in the past 3 weeks and 1800.00 lbs coming this week and every week up to Thanksgiving week.  The net pens will be filled Thursday 11/16/2017 starting around 10am by DFW. We do need volunteers helping with bucket transfer on that day, so please let us know if you are interested helping. Please call 530-692-1600.

This last weekend we had the Nor Cal Trout Anglers Challenge. This would be the 5th season we have hosted the Championship tournament and the it turned out to be the most successful season ever. You can find out the winners and details on the Angler’s Press website There was a total of 140 people entered in the tournament.  

For the month of October Bernie and Bonnie caught a 10 lb catfish and one crappie using worms down by the beach.  Brian Bender of Elk Grove caught a 10 lb catfish down by the dam using worms too.  Gabriel Long and Andrew Cox caught 2 limits out by the dam using salmon peach green powerbait.  The James Gang of Lincoln caught 6 trout using powerbait.  Curtis Withnell of Woodland caught 2 trout using red powerbait down by the dam on the shore.  Nevaeh Eki of Sacramento caught 3 trout and 1 bass using spinner down by the dam. Marshall Crandall and Zephram Builer of Lincoln caught 2 trout and 1 crappie of the dock using worms.  Angelo Millican of Sacramento caught a 3 1/4 lb trout using rainbow powerbait off the bank.  Angie, David,Trinity and Gary of Sacramento caught 2 trout by the beach.   Gary Denzleer of Meadowvista caught  a 3 1/2 lb trout using powerbait and a 3 lb trout near the dam.  Johnny and Barbara Grizzle caught 4 trout using powerbait by the marina.  Carol Cabral of Dobbins caught 3 trout  trolling with Kastmaster lure in the middle of lake.  Kenny Ross and Stavi Ross of Napa caught  a 3 1/2 lb trout using worms by the dam. Yeej Her  caught 2 trout  with orange powerbait by the bridge.  Frank Gippetti of San Jose caught a 8 1/2 lb catfish with worms down by the watersedge group area.  Joesette Gippetti caught a 5 1/4 lb trout using orange slamon eggs by the lakeview group area.  Elaine our local fish whisper caught 2 more trout by the boat launch using orange powerbait.  Jay Larson of San Bruno caught a 4 1/4 lb trout trolling using Rapalla lure by the powerlines on the surface. Joseph Haddox of Oroville caught a 8 lb. catfish by the marina using worms.  So the lake has turned and the trout are at the surface. 

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