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Collins Lake

    • Water Temp: 58-59

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: I fished the last 3 hours yesterday at Collins and was surprised to see some of the local guys had just completed a small fun tournament (I guess it was fun!). One of the fellows said the bite was pretty good, but no big bass. As I was about to launch, another bass rig arrived for the late afternoon. it was open house! Anyway, I caught 2 spotted bass at the dam (about 30 feet) and 2 more on island tops. The 4 spots were between 1 1/2 and 2 lbs. Missed 2 or 3 others. Bright sun when I arrived and then cloud cover with wind moved in - and cleared out when I left at dark. Weird! No bites on topwater this time. Lake need to cool a bit more which might get a good bite going.

      Tips: Collins has risen several feet in the last 2 weeks. Most of the buoyed areas are deeper now. I caught my 4 bass on #301 Senkos with an inserted nail weight. Couldn't get a jig bite this trip. Bass should started hanging in the deeper part of the lake. I only had one good shallow bite, but missed her!

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