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Clear Lake

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      Water Temp: 78.2-79.8

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Fished Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights. I have to say that the bite is still going strong. Hit town Monday evening & got on the water at 11:30 PM. I brought my daughter with me & this was a teaching trip! The goal was to teach her new techniques as she has always fished with just Senkos, so she learned to throw jigs, Texas rig, & blades this trip as well as the fine art of netting fish! Monday was a learning experience as we missed quite a few fish. We landed 9 that night with the best at 7.5 that I got on as jig. It was also her second fish to net & she did very well. The rest were 2.5 - 3.5 on jigs, senkos & Texas.Tuesday night started late on account of the Giant's game going 14 innings. We hit the water at 12:30 AM & ran right into a bite. Once again the majority were in that 2.5 - 3.5 range but we managed a big of 5.11. We hung around to see if there was a topwater bite & we caught quite a few small ones on the Whopper Plopper fished at a steady retrieve. They didn't want the stop & go. We boated 27 fish. Wednesday night we had my bud Manny join us & the bite was still brisk! Same pattern, 2.5's to 3.5's with a few 4 lbers & a big of 5.7. Well, actually, the big was 15.14 lbs. on a jig, but unfortunately it had whiskers! I wish I had a video of my kid netting that one! She couldn't lift it in as it was a load! I lost count of how many we boated, somewhere after 30. The topwater bite was softer, but they were busting in the weeds. Went to get my trusty frog pole out of the locker & realized I left it in the garage after I had the boat recarpeted! I guess I'm getting old & forgetful! I threw a 6" senko & worked it like a frog, got a bunch of blowups, but couldn't get the hook into them! I'm gonna go out on a limb & say the frog bite would have been outstanding! We stayed in Konocti again as there wasn't any real reason to move. The jig bite was the best. My kid lost a few on the jig, but managed a pair of 4's with it. I posted a pic in the fishing forum. She also killed it on the senko, her go to throw. They were either taking the jig on the fall or smacking the heck out of it. They seemed to be all over the place. Got them anywhere from 5" to 25" of water. The Texas worked well on the weed edge line & the Senko around rocky stucture. We fished it slow & the colors were darks with either red or blue. Reaction was soft with a few blade fish & no crank fish at all. The water was a little warmer than I expected, but they were on it! We didn't get the big fish bites like last trip, but we caught more fish! I dug out some old Don Iovino snakes & cow tongues the old man & I fished in Mexico together eons ago in rhythm & blues fished Texas & they got a lot of fish. He still makes them. The jigs were black or black & blue with black blue sweet beavers for trailers. They also hit the Big Texan double wide as well. The weeds are still not that bad, the fishings hot, so if you get the chance to go, do it & be safe!

      Tips: We fished the Texas at the edge of the weedlines & when you felt some resistence, we'd shake the bait, then pull slowly. Sometimes it was a fish swimming with it, or a fish would smack it after you shook it & pulled it free! The jigs we fished in rocky structure & got them in all depths. A bunch of times you'd either lose contact with it only to find a fish had swum under the boat with it or it would feel heavy & then your line starts moving sideways (weeds don't do that! lol) The Senkos were just tossed out there & they'd grab them. They seemed to prefer weightless Texas style as opposed to wacky. They like watermelon with black flake and rootbeer with all kinds of sparklies, I don't think they make it anymore as Jess used them all up! 6" was the ticket! The wind was not too bad, just the usual Clear Lake summer & the weather was gorgeous this week! We'll be back in a few weeks! (Don't forget your frog pole!!!)

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