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Central Sierra Fish Report

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Beaver Creek Fish Report

Beaver Creek is very low at this time of year. Fly fishermen can still find fish if they work hard.

Angels Creek Fish Report

Was planted week of 8/29/2017

Highland Lakes Fish Report

Open now and catching the beautiful Brook Trout.

Lake Alpine Fish Report

Bait casters should try Berkley Garlic Power Bait, Garlic Eggs, Gulp Eggs, Mice Tails, Berkley Salon Eggs Peach Power Bait, Grape Nymph, Salmon Eggs Scent Red Power Bait using a sliding sinker rig or a cast-a-bubble rig. You can also float a nightcrawler using a worm blower or use a scented marshmallow or Berkley Power Egg. Lure casters should try Kastmasters, Rooster Tails, Panther Martin's, Thomas Buoyants, Jakes Lures. Fly fishermen should try woolly buggers, sparrow nymphs and bead head nymphs, mayflies,and ants.

Mosquito Lakes Fish Report

Planted the week of 7/23/2017

Spicer Res Fish Report

Lake has been dropping and now below the ramp and difficult to launch.  The weather has been very warm but as of late the weather has cooled significantly and fishing should improve. Trollers should try using wedding rings, needlefish, phoebe, and cripplures behind your favorite dodger tipped with either a nightcrawler, Berkley Gulp Nightcrawlers. Don't forget to use scent to enhance your trolling rig. Bait casters should try Berkley Garlic Eggs, Berkley Mice Tails, Berkley Garlic Power Bait, Salmon Peach, Grape Nymph Power Bait, and nightcrawlers using a sliding sinker rig. Lure casters should try Panther Martin's, Rooster Tails, and Kastmasters. Fly fishermen should try  sparrow nymphs, woolly buggers, adams, caddis, bead head nymphs, midge flies and ants.

 North Fork Of The Stanislaus Fish Report

Water levels have dropped considerably and a lot easier to fish. Lure fishermen should try Panther Martin Spinners, Rooster Tails, Kastmasters, Vibrax Bullet Fly spinners, and Mepps. Bait fishermen should try Salmon Eggs, night crawlers, Mice Tails,  and Garlic Power Bait using a split shot rig. Fly fishermen should try big streamers, woolly buggers, hoppers, adams, spinner flies, caddis, and bead head nymphs.

White Pines Fish Report

Bait fishermen should try using Berkley Garlic scented Power Bait, Garlic scented Eggs, Mice Tails, Gulp Eggs, Corn scented Power Bait, and nightcrawlers using a sliding sinker rig. Be sure to use any of the assorted scents we carry to enhance your fishing experience. Lure fishermen should try Kastmasters, Panther Martin spinners, Rooster Tails, and Thomas Buoyant. Fly fishermen should try using sparrow nymphs, woolly buggers, adams, blue wing olive, nymphs, and ants. You can also fish for bluegilss with your child. They are fun and easy to catch and a great way to start your child fishing. Stop by and see us to help you and your child get started.


Doug Busey
(775) 267-9722

Silver Lake Fish Report

Fall mackinaw fishing is great if you have a small boat to launch. EID reports the water level is low and the ramp is open, to use with extreme caution. Perch, black/gold or silver/ black Rapala's have been best producers.

Lake Tahoe Fish Report

Excellent Fall Tahoe Mackinaw Fishing !  Dodgers and minnows, flashers and minnows, and flatfish- chrome or white,  have been producing limits for several weeks now . Bounce the bottom or work suspended fish under the Kokanee Salmon schools . 100, 150, and 180 feet have been productive in the mornings. Slow troll and vary speed . Cal Neva Point , Dollar Point , and Sugar Pine Point have been producing many limits of fat Mature Lake Trout 2 to 18 pounds .  They are stuffed with Shrimp, crawdads, and Kokanee Salmon .   Captain Gene St. Denis    Blue Ribbon Fishing Charters  (530) 544-6552

Indian Creek Reservoir Fish Report

The campground area is closed for the season. The only boat launch open is the unimproved ramp by the dam. With the colder weather the weeds are starting to break up, but still not gone yet. The fishing has been on and off. Most anglers have been using powerbait near the dam for 12 to 14 inch rainbows. Word of caution, the dirt road is open but use caution as there are some areas of washout near the edge of the road. The paved road is open off highway 89.

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