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Central Sierra Fish Report


Doug Busey
(775) 267-9722

Lake Tahoe Fish Report

Fishing has been Great one day and very tough the next . 2 to 6 pound Mackinaw were basic fish netted with some larger specimens netted from 7 to 24 pounds. We have released several larger mack's at 18 , 22 and 24 pounds. Cal Neva Point , Sugar Pine point, Dollar Point and the Tahoe City shelf have been producing with effort . Working and bouncing bottom 100 feet to 250 feet with flashers and minnow, white and chrome dodger and minnow, and flat fish in chrome/ white . Also bringing presentations just under the kokanee schools in 100 to 120 feet in over above 300 feet to oo feet have resulted in some larger monsters, as well as dragging presentations over cliff edges to deep water drop Offs . 90 percent were Lip Hooked and the Hooks came off in the Net . ::)  Cave Rock , Lake Forrest , and Sand Harbor are Open . Fishing is going to be improve as usual and get really good this fall with all this feed in the water this summer getting everything started with a Bang !  Have an Awesome Fall in the High Sierras and be Safe out there People !! Captain Gene St. Denis Blue Ribbon Fishing Charters  (530) 544-6552


Indian Creek Reservoir Fish Report

The lake level has come down a little. The weeds are plenty and the fishing has been spotty over the last few weeks. The lake holds many trophy sized rainbows and cutthrout trout. If you can deal with the weeds, the reward is in the 2-6 pound range. Ther is also a lot of smaller trout in the lake. This time of year can also be rewarding for bass anglers. The lake has largemouth bass ranging from 8 inches to a couple pounds. Best areas are by either one of the dam areas off the rocks. Two ways to enter. Of hiway 89 on Airport rd or from a dirt road off Diamand Valley Rd.


Heenan Lake Fish Report

The lake will open on September 1st. Open Friday through Sundays only. Catch and release with artificial lures or flies only, with barbless hooks. Located on top of Monitor pass on hiway 89. Boats or canoes are allowed with electric motors only, and it is carry down access. If you want to see what a large bowl of Cherrios looks like, come check out the amount of float tubers that enjoy the lake.

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