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Castaic Lake bassin’ now more a deep-water game

WON Staff Writer
Published: Nov 03, 2017
CASTAIC — While smallmouth bass have somewhat gone into hiding in a transition phase of sorts at Castaic Lake, their largemouth brethren are still willing to play for the most part… just at a bit lower in the water column. Things have shifted for the time being to more of a winter-style bite, with most recent catches coming from the 25- to 40-foot zone.

CASTAIC’S LARGEMOUTH ARE down a little deeper now, but they’re still biting pretty well for the most part. Here, local angler John Petroski shows off a pair of quality models that fell for Ice Jigs in the dark of morning.

“Castaic has been kind of a hit-and-miss deal, and it’s in that fall pattern and nothing’s for sure right now,” said local angler John Petroski. “But I took my boat out for an early-morning mission and I was on the money. I found them in my usual deep spots and had a blast, landing about 8 to 10 solid fish, all deeper than 30 feet. The hot baits for me were the C3 Ice Pick in Unicorn Tears on the drop-shot and Ice Jigs in chrome, mostly fishing ‘em in the dark.”


Local guide Rusty Brown hit Castaic last week too and found success with the plastics as well. “It was pretty good when I was out there,” Brown said. “I was doing well with Roboworms in Green Pumpkin and Aaron’s Magic on both the drop-shot and the shakey head. Quality fish, too.”

On the striper side of things, Petroski said that lineside boils are getting fewer and further between but a few fish are still hitting topwater offerings here and there — most of the fish being caught as of late are coming on the troll, both swimbaits and umbrella rigs on downriggers. However, the top reported jailbird for the week was a 10 pounder that fell for a Kastmaster offered up by Eric Platta from the San Fernando Valley.


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